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I was just wishing that I had the programming skills (and time) to build something like this because I would find it quite useful. So, I just wanted to write you fan mail to encourage you to keep up the good work! Also, the suggestion of a screenshot would be really cool, too (or maybe even a screencast?). Also, a random idea for a marketing idea:

  • You started a wiki so that people could collaborate, right? But isn't it ironic that the default MediaWiki installation doesn't let people simltaniously edit the same article? Enter EtherEditor to the rescue!
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Psubhashish (talkcontribs)

This is a nice concept, few months back I sat with a gang of people to try something like this using Google doc. I was helping them to edit on Wikipedia using a shared Google doc as a tutorial. I started posting few step by step procedure (e.g. How to create a new account, How to search, edit and save, How to add references, etc.). Every time someone was facing a problem in any step was asking me a question and I was answering the same thread. Have a look at the file for a sample.

Sample of collaborative editing using Google doc

I'd like to request you guys to post such a screenshot of the EtherEditor which would be easy to visualize.

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