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Homepage 404 Error[edit]

The embedded URL for ChekMate Technical Focus Group returns a 404 Not Found Error

Page wont refresh[edit]

I just setup "Dynamic Article List for PHP4" as an extension for my MediaWiki setup, and I copied the code from the homepage of checkmate security group for The newly posted articles, new blog articles, most popular articles, etc.

My issue is that it doesnt update with every refresh of the page. Only when I edit and save the page does all of the new information update.

It doesn't look like this issue has been solved, but it is happening to other people[1]

Retrieved from "http://www.chekmate.org//wiki/index.php/User:Mtg/BlogEntry:_2008_July_08_15:18:43_MDT"

PHP Error at the top of the page.[edit]

I'm using the extension at http://www.st-george-squadron.co.uk and it works. But I get the following error message:

Undefined variable: r in /home/stgeo/public_html/sgs/wiki/extensions/DynamicArticleList.php on line 275

PHP Error at the top of the page UPDATE UPDATE I had the same issue, I fixed it by defining the variable.

above the lines:

 (line 267 for me)
 $r .= "(code that mediawiki won't display here)"; 

I added:

 $r = "";

Resulting in:

 $r = "";
 $r .= "(code that mediawiki won't display here)"

Hope that helps anyone.