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How can change this extension for resolve more one IP? example: {{ #dnslookup: }}

it's possible?

I fix this issue. For this i change efDNSlookup_wrapper function:

function efDNSlookup_wrapper( $lookup1 = '' ) {
	$tmp_lookup = preg_split('/\s/s', $lookup1,-1,PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
	foreach ($tmp_lookup as $name => $lookup){
		if ( ! preg_match("/[.]/", $lookup)){
			$tmp_output .= $lookup." ";
			continue ;
		if (($binIp = ip2long($lookup)) === false) {
          # we were given something that isn't a valid IP address-- try it as a hostname.
          $output = gethostbyname($lookup);
          # gethostbyname returns waht it was given if it doesn't resolve.
          # so, if the paramter is the same as the return, we complain that
          # it doesn't resolve.
          if ( $lookup == $output ) {
               $output = "<span style=\"color: red\">".
                               "Invalid DNS lookup: ".$lookup."</span>";
        } else {
          # we were given what looks like a valid IP address, so let's find the reverse.
          $output = gethostbyaddr($lookup);
          # gethostbyaddr will return the address if it doesn't find a reverse for it.
          # since we may be building a URL around this, we go ahead and return
          # the address even if it doesn't resolve.
		$tmp_output .= $output."\r\n";

    return $tmp_output;