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Can't get pages to save when using ChronologyList

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I'm having problems getting this extension to work which is particularly annoying as I've been looking for something just like for a while!

I've created the 3 tables using chrono.sql and added the required line to LocalSettings.php but to no avail - when I add a chrono tag to any given page I can get the page to render OK using the "show preview" button but when I try to save the page I just get a blank screen. When I go back into the page I was editing everything's still there except the newly-added chrono tag which hasn't saved. I'm using Mediawiki 1.16.0 if that helps.

Any idea what might be happening? I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong but can't work out what it might be!

Many thanks

Jaroslav Cerny (talkcontribs)


this looks like fatal error during code execution. You need to look into webserver error log file. On my PC, this is wiki-error.log in /usr/local/apache2/logs folder. Please send me log file to my e-mail jaroslav_cerny@centrum.cz.

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