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The stopforumspam XML parsing seems broken. In my setup I temporarily overrode it with:

                if($bSFSLimit == True){
                        // Added due to SFS introducing a query limit
                        // http://www.stopforumspam.com/forum/t573-Rate-Limiting
                        $bFoundMatch=false; $bSFSLimit=TRUE;
                	// actual modifications begin below:
                 	// return true of any (email, IP, or username) are 'yes'
                        if (strpos($fspamcheck, '>yes<') !==False) {
                                    $bFoundMatch = true; 
                        	} else {
                                    $bFoundMatch = false;

Which is hacky but at least returns a match when one of the three elements is true.

Maybe SFS changed their XML structure since the initial code was written?