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Could we use banners to reach out to particular users?

Jmatazzoni (talkcontribs)

Collaboration Team frequently has a need to communicate with volunteers of a particular type or who use a particular tool. Could CentralNotice be adapted for such purposes? For example:

  • To invite users of a page like Special:RecentChanges to take a survey or sign up for the new beta.
  • To let users with certain characteristics know when something that might interest them is available. E.g., to let editors who have a certain number of edits know that they might like to apply to become New Page Reviewers.

Clearly, if we begin using this feature for more, and more segmented, types of outreach, we'd need to create usage guidelines as well as some kind of oversight body and controls for regulating how many notices individuals might see. But being able to put important information in front of those to whom it's most relevant would be valuable—for us and for them.

I don't know much about CentralNotice, so if these ideas are inappropriate, please close this and move on. (I'll be out for the next few weeks.)

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