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maybe this is a silly post, but can you, please, provide an example, or two, how to use the extension, esp. for the ifnocategories function?

- We have no idea where (LocalSettings.php? A MW page?) to put, and how to use this extension...

- Thanks in advance!


Skizzerz (talkcontribs)

All parser functions are for use inside of wiki pages. Help:Magic words describes their general concepts in more detail. If the description of these particular functions is not clear enough for you from the extension page, the best I can say is try them out on your wiki and get firsthand experience on how they work. (talkcontribs)

I have a bit the same question, when I write the code if category exist then... What the "then" condition should be. Does it add the page to a category if there's no category? Or what kind of actions could it do if the page is found to belong to a specific category? Deleting? Changing category? Changing the space name? I have no idea of the purpose of the extension, it's not explained in the page.

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