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Dog1994 (talkcontribs)

I'm fairly new to Media Wiki from a hosting standpoint. I'm trying to understand how to get infoboxes to work. I've attempted to create one manually but that isn't particularly working out. I understand using Capuinto is much simpler, but I'm having trouble comprehending precisely how to utilise it.

For example, in the last section, it explains that I can use this: #invoke:modulename|functionname - but what is the functionname? What do I input? I realise I have to create for example Module:Infobox2 so I can input for 'modulename' but what the heck do I do after that?

I just want to be able to create an infobox that I can add or remove rows as needed and that can be easily inserted into new or existing pages. For example to input something like '#invokemodulename' and then poof, the infobox appears and the user can now enter the data they need.

Frimelle (talkcontribs)

Let's say you have a Module:Infobox2 with code similar to Example with static data you'd go to any other wiki page (read: article) and use


run is the function in the example of Example with static data. That's also the function you'd need to modify in order for the infobox to look differently. It's written in Lua, in case you're new to Lua have a look here - it shouldn't be too hard to get a basic understanding of the language in order to adjust your module.

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