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for a calcII that should be pre-filled with 12*13 I get UNIQ2e6e12da1b3da17d-CalcII-00000002-QINU� and no calc ;_;

I'm using

  • MediaWiki 1.11.0
  • path: "calcII.js" (.php resides in the same folder as .js does)

354d 20:32, 8 October 2007 (UTC)

only 1 (one) calculator on 1 page[edit]

There must be only one calculator tag at one page. Otherwise you get the described "answer".

Collisions with other extensions[edit]

It seems that there are collisions with Extensions like Gnuplot and TextBox

Working example not working[edit]

The link to the working example is not working. Is there another link where we can see an example?