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I installed it as described, leave configuration on default. When opening an articel, no rating stars are being showed. Does anyone can help me? I am using MediaWiki 1.19 ans coresponding ArcticleStore extension.

Have you tried clearing your cache? Or purging page content (with action=purge)? --Jossmart (talk) 11:09, 19 November 2012 (UTC)
Cache has been cleared, just runned the update.php script, but nothing.
The source code of the articles also looks different to yours. I guess the JS and CSS script is not being called correctly.
mw.loader.load(["mediawiki.user","mediawiki.page.ready","mediawiki.action.watch.ajax","ext.ArticleScores"], null, true);

And do the tables articlescores and articlescores_sum appear in your database after update.php? Every page is cached by server. The page's cache is cleared after some change or we can force it. For example click on this page's history and replace the ending "history" with "purge" ... http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension_talk:ArticleScores&action=purge.

Yes, the tables exist, but are emtpy. Unless there is no rating, I guess this is correct. Actually purge does not work at my system. Any idea how I can verify if the script is called correctly?
After editing a page from defined namespace (read config section), stars should appear there. Is it set alright?
just edited some articles, but stars did not appeared. Also the database tables do not have an entry.
I just set up a clean new wiki to check if it works on it. But the same situation. On the test-wiki there is only one page (main page) and this is what I edited. I kept the config.php untouched.
Main page is excluded from rating, I forget to mention it, I'm sorry. Create another page in main namespace.
Tried, but not working. Actually I set the namespace to 1,2,12. On the test-wiki this works now, but not on the supposed system. In the source code of the resulting web pages there is only the above mention link to the articlescores script, no link to the graphics, which is in it on the running system. Maybe this is helpful.
OK, you have set this for talk pages of main namespace, user pages and help pages. When creating an article there stars should appear. On your localhost it works, but it's not working on your hosting. Do I understand it well?
yes. I was checking what the difference on the systems is and realized that the [Skin] I am using is not compatible to the ArticleScores extension. Once I set the skin back to Vector I see the stars :(

Another question: Will the average rating being displayed when opening an article?

When you click a star, new average rating is computed and page content is purged. Number of article's stars shows always average score by described algorithm.
I do a rating, it says Thank you for rating with the correct star number, but when reopening the article, it shows no rating. Special page shows also no rating at all.
There can be a problem with saving the review. I suppose the tables are empty, can you check? And comment the content of
success: function( server_response ) {
in javascript file, leave only
alert( server_response );
, clear cache and try to review an article. Does it write STH interesting? I hope there is no error in my files, to be sure, try the recent snapshot http://www.wikiskripta.eu/share/ArticleScores2.tgz.

I've tried to install 1.22.1 - no luck. I just get blank pages whenever a try to load the page.... I've tried to use both ArticleScores2.tgz and ArticleScores.tgz (you have 2 links on the page) --Harnas1977 (talk) 16:11, 30 January 2014 (UTC)

Recent version (0.3.1) works well for me, I have 1.22.0. ArticleScores.tgz is right, I have corrected the link, thanks for info. Do you have all files readable by apache and are you using Vector? Try CTRL-F5 in browser. --Jossmart (talk) 07:42, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

Clicking on stars does nothing[edit]


I installed your extension and it shows the stars on the pages. The tables articlescores and articlescores_sum are created but empty. Whenever I click on a rating star of an article, nothing happens. It's like it doesn't register my clicks. Can you help me solving this issue?


To be sure the code is the same I've updated the source. Extension works fine on our wiki, configuration here. Your PHP version should be >= 5.1.3.