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Welcome to the MediaWiki extension matrix. This listing is updated each night by a bot based on the entries in Category:Extensions. You have full control over the style and content of this page by editing Template:ExtensionMatrixHeader and Template:ExtensionMatrix. The source code for this bot is available at User:Alterego/ExtensionMatrix/Source code. Don't edit the source code of this page directly - it will be overwritten. Instead edit the source code of the extension page.

Name Description MediaWiki Version Updated Page Edited Talk Page Edited Created Author
NaturalLanguageList18 Apr 2011 For easy of creation natural language list and other list related functions 1.15 18 Apr 2011 13 Feb 2013 7 Sep 2012 3 Mar 2010 Svip

Include WP13 Feb 2011 IncludeWP is a lightweight extension for including Wikipedia content into your wiki. 1.16 13 Feb 2011 13 Feb 2013 30 Sep 2012 3 Feb 2011 Jeroen De Dauw

SubPageList27 Dec 2011 Adds a <subpages /> tag that enables you to list subpages 1.16 27 Dec 2011 18 Feb 2013 14 Feb 2013 28 Dec 2010 Jeroen De Dauw, based on SubPageList3

PageVariableExtension Allows for a variable to be assigned on a page and the html to be reused on another page 1.12 13 Feb 2013 31 Aug 2008 Rob Challen

ImgLink Allows (small) images to be inlined in links 13 Feb 2013 11 Apr 2008 Steve Hicks