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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable
Implementation Tag
Description Extension tag for adding a custom <meta> keywords to the document header.
Author(s) http://jehy.ru/index.en.html (Jehytalk)
Latest version 0.2 (2012-09-18)
MediaWiki 1.6+
Database changes No
License GPL
Example All pages with keywords
Translate the YetAnotherKeywords extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
Check usage and version matrix.

An extension which gives users the ability to inject a <meta> keywords into the document header.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called YetAnotherKeywords in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:
    require_once "$IP/extensions/YetAnotherKeywords/YetAnotherKeywords.php";
  • Yes Done – Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.


Once installed, editors of your wiki can add a <meta> keywords tag by adding the following to the article text:

<metakeywords> keyword1,keyword2,keyword3</metakeywords>

For example, the above would become:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3" />

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