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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Tag , Hook
Description Hierarchical Breadcrumb for Mediawiki. Builds a structured path for each page.
Author(s) Ian Coleman (QuantumTigertalk)
Latest version 0.2.5 (2017-06-08)
MediaWiki 1.27+
License GNU General Public License 2.0
Overview Documentation

The YAMBE extension (Yet Another MediaWiki Breadcrumb Extension)

It creates a hierarchical breadcrumb (navigation path) for a MediaWiki page based on the page that it was created from. Allows users to track back through the wiki more easily and provides a context for the current page.

Whenever a new page is created beneath a page which already uses YAMBE a piece of markup is inserted at the start of the page to set up YAMBE and identify the page's parent. When the page is displayed this is used to build links to the parent page looping through each parent until it gets to the top of the tree.

YAMBE differs from many of the other MediaWiki breadcrumb extensions in that it allows the wiki structure (and the author) to control the breadcrumb that the user sees, rather than displaying the user's progress through the wiki.


Tags are auto-generated when creating a new page, but may be edited to change the details in the breadcrumb if required.

<yambe:breadcrumb self="Self Text">Parent Page|Parent Text</yambe:breadcrumb>
  • Self Text is the text to display at the end of the breadcrumb for the current page. Defaults to page name if blank
  • Parent Page is the name of the parent page
  • Parent Text is the text to display in the breadcrumb for the parent


The Code is in GitHub, as are the configuration instructions


//Some global config declarations
// where to split the URL to find page name. Usually either /index.php/ or /wiki/
$URLSplit = "/index.php/"; 
$bcDelim = " > "; // Character to mark the stages of the breadcrumb?
$maxCountBack = 5; // Maximum number of links in breadcrumb 
$overflowPre = "[...]"; // Prefix if breadcrumb is longer than $maxCountBack links

The above variables can be changed to customise how YAMBE creates the breadcrumb and the maximum depth it supports.

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