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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Parser function
Description Grab weather from wundeground.com based on location
Author(s) (wookienztalk)
Latest version 1.0 (2011-11-13)
Database changes No
License No license specified
Download code is on this page
Check usage and version matrix.

What can this extension do?[edit]

If supplied with location data it will return a JSON stream of various weather data. This extension creates the tag <wunderground>...</wunderground>, it takes various arguments e.g <wunderground arg="somewhere"> This arg can then be used to push to wunderground to return weather data based on this location.

See http://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/d/documentation.html for specifics of what you can push to wunderground.


In this case I am using ICAO codes for airport data, this is passed to wunderground as non ambiguous location data. Cities, Lat/Long and others can also be used. See Docs above and note slight change of URL ebing called. " /q/"airport" vs "/q/STATE/CITY"

NOTE: the Wunderground API has been discontinued, thus making this extension non-functinoal.
YOU WILL NEED TO APPLY FOR AN API KEY. It takes 2 minutes and is free. Here

Download instructions[edit]

Please cut and paste the code found below and place it in $IP/extensions/wunderground/wundeground.php.0

$IP stands for the root directory of your MediaWiki installation, the same directory that holds LocalSettings.php .
# Weather Underground Extension
# by WookieNZ
# http://www.wookie.co.nz
# Usage:
# <wunderground airport="KLAX"></wunderground>

# Source and examples
# http://wunderground.com/weather/api/d/documentation.html

# Put this file in the wunderground directory in Extensions
# To activate the extension, include it from your LocalSettings.php
# with: require_once("extensions/wunderground/wunderground.php");
$wgHooks['ParserFirstCallInit'][] = "wfwunderground";

$wgExtensionCredits['parserhook'][] = array(
        'name' => 'Wunderground Extension',
        'description' => 'Displays Weather Forecast from wunderground.com',
        'author' => 'Wookie',
        'url' => 'https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Wunderground',
        'version' => '1.0'
function wfwunderground(Parser &$parser) {
    global $wgParser;
    # registers the <wunderground> extension tags with the WikiText parser
    $wgParser->setHook( "wunderground", "renderwunderground" );
    return true;
# The callback function for converting the input text to HTML output
function renderwunderground( $input, $argv ) {
// escape airport to prevent XSS
	$argv['airport'] = htmlspecialchars($argv['airport']) ;
	$json_string = file_get_contents("http://api.wunderground.com/api/YOURAPIKEYHERE/geolookup/conditions/q/".$argv['airport'].".json");
	$parsed_json = json_decode($json_string);
	$location = $parsed_json->{'location'}->{'city'};
	$temp_f = $parsed_json->{'current_observation'}->{'temp_f'};
	$output= '<div style="width: 300px; height: 250px; background-image: url( http://vortex.accuweather.com/adcbin/netweather_v2/backgrounds/lhtblue_300x250_bg.jpg ); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-color: #3BA6C9;" ></div>';
	$output .= '<div><p>The current Temp is '.$temp_f.' farenheit</p></div>';

    return $output;


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php :


Configuration parameters[edit]

The JSON stream returns the following structure of data (sample data included):

object(stdClass)#176 (3) { 
["response"]=> object(stdClass)#175 (3) { 
	["version"]=> string(3) "0.1" 
	["termsofService"]=> string(52) "http://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/d/terms.html" 
	["features"]=> object(stdClass)#177 (2) { 
		["geolookup"]=> int(1) 
		["conditions"]=> int(1) } } 

["location"]=> object(stdClass)#178 (17) { 
	["type"]=> string(8) "INTLCITY" 
	["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
	["country_iso3166"]=> string(2) "CN" 
	["country_name"]=> string(5) "China" 
	["state"]=> string(2) "HK" 
	["city"]=> string(23) "Hong Kong International"
	["tz_short"]=> string(3) "HKT"
	["tz_long"]=> string(14) "Asia/Hong_Kong"
	["lat"]=> string(11) "22.30888939" 
	["lon"]=> string(12) "113.91471863" 
	["zip"]=> string(5) "00000"
	["magic"]=> string(1) "4" 
	["wmo"]=> string(5) "45007" 
	["l"]=> string(20) "/q/zmw:00000.4.45007"
	["requesturl"]=> string(26) "global/stations/45007.html"
	["wuiurl"]=> string(54) "http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/45007.html"
	["nearby_weather_stations"]=> object(stdClass)#179 (2) {
		["airport"]=> object(stdClass)#180 (1) { 
			["station"]=> array(4) {
				[0]=> object(stdClass)#181 (6) {
					["city"]=> string(32) "Hong Kong Inter-National Airport" 
					["state"]=> string(0) "" 
					["country"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong" 
					["icao"]=> string(4) "VHHH" 
					["lat"]=> string(11) "22.33333206" 
					["lon"]=> string(12) "114.18333435" } 

				[1]=> object(stdClass)#182 (6) {
					["city"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong" 
					["state"]=> string(0) ""
					["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
					["icao"]=> string(4) "VHHH" 
					["lat"]=> string(11) "22.30999947" 
					["lon"]=> string(12) "113.91000366" } 

				[2]=> object(stdClass)#183 (6) { 
					["city"]=> string(8) "Shenzhen" 
					["state"]=> string(0) "" 
					["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
					["icao"]=> string(4) "ZGSZ" 
					["lat"]=> string(11) "22.54999924" 
					["lon"]=> string(12) "114.09999847" } 
				[3]=> object(stdClass)#184 (6) { 
					["city"]=> string(5) "Taipa" 
					["state"]=> string(0) "" 
					["country"]=> string(2) "MU" 
					["icao"]=> string(4) "VMMC" 
					["lat"]=> string(11) "22.17000008" 
					["lon"]=> string(12) "113.56999969" } } } 

		["pws"]=> object(stdClass)#185 (1) { 
			["station"]=> array(6) { 
				[0]=> object(stdClass)#186 (7) { 
					["neighborhood"]=> string(20) "Tai O, Lantau Island" 
					["city"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong" 
					["state"]=> string(5) "HKSAR" 
					["country"]=> string(5) "CHINA" 
					["id"]=> string(9) "IHKSARHO2"
					["distance_km"]=> int(8) 
					["distance_mi"]=> int(4) } 
				[1]=> object(stdClass)#187 (7) { 
					["neighborhood"]=> string(30) "APRSWXNET Discovery College HK"
					["city"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong" 
					["state"]=> string(2) "HK" 
					["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
					["id"]=> string(6) "MD8470" 
					["distance_km"]=> int(10) 
					["distance_mi"]=> int(6) }
				[2]=> object(stdClass)#188 (7) {
					["neighborhood"]=> string(12) "Lei Cheng Uk" 
					["city"]=> string(14) "Cheung Sha Wan" 
					["state"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong"
					["country"]=> string(5) "CHINA"
					["id"]=> string(9) "IU9999U63" 
					["distance_km"]=> int(25) 
					["distance_mi"]=> int(15) } 
				[3]=> object(stdClass)#189 (7) {
					["neighborhood"]=> string(14) "Sha Pa Village"
					["city"]=> string(6) "Tai Po"
					["state"]=> string(2) "NT" 
					["country"]=> string(9) "HONG KONG" 
					["id"]=> string(9) "ISDSTANL2" 
					["distance_km"]=> int(27) 
					["distance_mi"]=> int(16) }
				[4]=> object(stdClass)#190 (7) { 
					["neighborhood"]=> string(19) "Ma Yau Tong Village" 
					["city"]=> string(8) "Sai Kung"
					["state"]=> string(9) "HONG KONG" 
					["country"]=> string(5) "China"
					["id"]=> string(9) "IHONGKON9"
					["distance_km"]=> int(34)
					["distance_mi"]=> int(20) } 
				[5]=> object(stdClass)#191 (7) { 
					["neighborhood"]=> string(20) "APRSWXNET Saikung HK"
					["city"]=> string(8) "Junk Bay" 
					["state"]=> string(2) "HK"
					["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
					["id"]=> string(6) "MD2902"
					["distance_km"]=> int(35) 
					["distance_mi"]=> int(21) } } } } } 
["current_observation"]=> object(stdClass)#192 (47) {
	["image"]=> object(stdClass)#193 (3) { 
		["url"]=> string(53) "http://icons-ak.wxug.com/graphics/wu2/logo_130x80.png"
		["title"]=> string(19) "Weather Underground"
		["link"]=> string(27) "http://www.wunderground.com" } 
	["display_location"]=> object(stdClass)#194 (10) { 
		["full"]=> string(34) "Hong Kong International, Hong Kong" 
		["city"]=> string(23) "Hong Kong International" 
		["state"]=> string(2) "HK" 
		["state_name"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong"
		["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
		["country_iso3166"]=> string(2) "CN" 
		["zip"]=> string(5) "00000" 
		["latitude"]=> string(11) "22.30888939"
		["longitude"]=> string(12) "113.91471863"
		["elevation"]=> string(10) "5.00000000" } 
	["observation_location"]=> object(stdClass)#195 (8) { 
		["full"]=> string(11) "Hong Kong, " 
		["city"]=> string(9) "Hong Kong"
		["state"]=> string(0) "" 
		["country"]=> string(2) "CI" 
		["country_iso3166"]=> string(2) "CN" 
		["latitude"]=> string(11) "22.30999947"
		["longitude"]=> string(12) "113.91000366" 
		["elevation"]=> string(5) "26 ft" } 
	["estimated"]=> object(stdClass)#196 (0) { }
	["station_id"]=> string(4) "VHHH" 
	["observation_time"]=> string(41) "Last Updated on November 14, 10:00 PM CST" 
	["observation_time_rfc822"]=> string(31) "Mon, 14 Nov 2011 22:00:00 +0800" 
	["observation_epoch"]=> string(10) "1321279200"
	["local_time_rfc822"]=> string(31) "Mon, 14 Nov 2011 22:06:36 +0800" 
	["local_epoch"]=> string(10) "1321279596"
	["local_tz_short"]=> string(3) "HKT" 
	["local_tz_long"]=> string(14) "Asia/Hong_Kong" 
	["weather"]=> string(13) "Partly Cloudy"
	["temperature_string"]=> string(11) "75 F (24 C)"
 	["temp_f"]=> int(75) 
	["temp_c"]=> int(24) 
	["relative_humidity"]=> string(3) "69%" 
	["wind_string"]=> string(22) "From the ESE at 10 MPH" 
	["wind_dir"]=> string(3) "ESE" 
	["wind_degrees"]=> int(120) 
	["wind_mph"]=> int(10)
	["wind_gust_mph"]=> int(0) 
	["pressure_mb"]=> string(4) "1019"
	["pressure_in"]=> string(5) "30.09" 
	["pressure_trend"]=> string(1) "0"
	["dewpoint_string"]=> string(11) "64 F (18 C)" 
	["dewpoint_f"]=> int(64) 
	["dewpoint_c"]=> int(18)
	["heat_index_string"]=> string(2) "NA" 
	["heat_index_f"]=> string(2) "NA"
	["heat_index_c"]=> string(2) "NA"
	["windchill_string"]=> string(2) "NA"
	["windchill_f"]=> string(2) "NA" 
	["windchill_c"]=> string(2) "NA"
	["visibility_mi"]=> string(3) "6.2" 
	["visibility_km"]=> string(4) "10.0"
	["precip_1hr_string"]=> string(25) "-9999.00 in (-9999.00 mm)" 
	["precip_1hr_in"]=> string(8) "-9999.00"
	["precip_1hr_metric"]=> string(8) "-9999.00" 
	["precip_today_string"]=> string(16) "0.00 in (0.0 mm)" 
	["precip_today_in"]=> string(4) "0.00"
	["precip_today_metric"]=> string(3) "0.0" 
	["icon"]=> string(12) "partlycloudy" 
	["icon_url"]=> string(50) "http://icons-ak.wxug.com/i/c/k/nt_partlycloudy.gif" 
	["forecast_url"]=> string(54) "http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/45007.html" 
	["history_url"]=> string(77) "http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/VHHH/2011/11/14/DailyHistory.html" 
	["ob_url"]=> string(90) "http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=22.30999947,113.91000366"