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This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Wikilog extension.

How to create a side column in a wikilog page?[edit]

Example of a side column in a wikilog page.

Q: How to create a side column along the list of posts in a wikilog page?

A: The list of posts in a wikilog page is displayed after the contents of the page, and is contained inside a <div> HTML element. This element can be styled to allow other divs float through its sides. In order to enable this, edit your MediaWiki:Common.css (doc) and add the following lines:

/* allow floats along wikilog post listings */
div.wl-wrapper { overflow: hidden; }
div.wl-float { margin: 1em; padding: 1em; width: 20em; }
div.wl-float-left { clear: left; float: left; margin-left: 0; }
div.wl-float-right { clear: right; float: right; margin-right: 0; }

Then, edit the wikilog page and add to the bottom:

<div class="wl-float wl-float-right">
(contents of the side column here)