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The following is a list of available configuration options for Wikilog:

Tagging entity[edit]


A string in the format "example.org,date", according to RFC 4151, that will be used as taggingEntity in order to create feed item tags. If not set, feed item tags will be their permanent links.

$wgTaggingEntity = "example.com,2002";

Cascading style sheets[edit]


Path of Wikilog style and image files.

$wgWikilogStylePath = "$wgScriptPath/extensions/Wikilog/style";


Wikilog style version, incremented when $wgWikilogStylePath/wikilog.css is changed.

$wgWikilogStyleVersion = 2;

Presentation options[edit]


Maximum number of articles to display in wikilog front pages, or comments in article discussion pages.

Each article and comment is stored as a wiki page and, in order to display them, they may need to be parsed (if they are not cached) which is a little expensive. So, the number of articles or comments to show per page is limited by this variable, which has the same purpose of $wgFeedLimit and thus inherits its value by default.

A good value is 50. More than this not only impacts performance, it allows long pages of articles or comments that has little value over smaller pages.

Note Note: This variable replaced the older $wgWikilogSummaryLimit.

Since Wikilog v1.1.0.
$wgWikilogExpensiveLimit = $wgFeedLimit;


Default number of articles to list on the wikilog front page and in Special:Wikilog.

$wgWikilogNumArticles = 20;


Default number of comments to list in wikilog comment pages.

Since Wikilog v1.1.0.
$wgWikilogNumComments = 50;


Allow listing of categories and tags for each article in the wikilog front page and in Special:Wikilog, in the header and footer of each entry. This is a little expensive and not used by default, so it is disabled.

After enabling this option, system messages 'wikilog-summary-header', 'wikilog-summary-footer', 'wikilog-summary-header-single' and 'wikilog-summary-footer-single' should be modified to include parameters $11 - $14.

Since Wikilog v1.1.0.
$wgWikilogExtSummaries = false;



Publish new articles by default. When creating new wikilog articles, if this variable is set to true, the default value of the "Sign and publish this article" checkbox will be checked, which means that saving the article will automatically sign and publish it. In order to save the article as draft, the user would have to uncheck the box before saving.

Since Wikilog v1.0.1.
$wgWikilogSignAndPublishDefault = false;



Maximum number of authors of a wikilog post.

$wgWikilogMaxAuthors = 6;

Categories and tags[edit]


Enable use of tags. This is disabled by default since MediaWiki category system already provides similar functionality, and are the preferred way of organizing wikilog posts. Enable this if you want or need an additional mechanism for organizing that is independent from categories, and specific for wikilog posts.

Even if disabled, tags are still recorded. This configuration only affects the ability of performing queries based on tags. This is so that it could be enabled and disabled without having to perform maintenance on the database.

$wgWikilogEnableTags = false;


Maximum number of tags in a wikilog post.

$wgWikilogMaxTags = 25;



Enable wikilog article commenting interface. When disabled, commenting is still possible through article talk pages, like normal wiki pages.

$wgWikilogEnableComments = true;


Maximum size for wikilog article comments, in bytes.

$wgWikilogMaxCommentSize = 2048;	// bytes


Moderation options for comments. When set to true, new comments by anonymous users will be placed in a pending state until someone with 'wl-moderation' right approves it.

Note Note: No option of moderation for logged-in users is provided, it doesn't make a lot of sense for a wiki. If this is your case, check if what you need isn't better accomplished with user rights or anti-spam filters.

$wgWikilogModerateAnonymous = false;

Syndication feeds[edit]


Syndication feed classes. Similar to $wgFeedClasses.

$wgWikilogFeedClasses = array(
	'atom' => 'WlAtomFeed',
	'rss'  => 'WlRSSFeed'

$wgWikilogFeedSummary, $wgWikilogFeedContent[edit]

Enable or disable output of summary or content in wikilog feeds. At least one of them MUST be true.

$wgWikilogFeedSummary = true;
$wgWikilogFeedContent = true;


Enable output of article categories in wikilog feeds.

$wgWikilogFeedCategories = true;


Enable output of external references in wikilog feeds.

$wgWikilogFeedRelated = false;



Namespaces used for wikilogs.

It is recommended that Wikilog::setupNamespace(...) be used instead of directly adding namespaces to this array.

$wgWikilogNamespaces = array();



Use a clone of the global parser object instead of creating a new instance.

Optimally this setting would be disabled by default, since the parser is not designed to be cloned. Such usage may cause problems. But there are many broken extensions that don't properly initialize a second parser instance that is needed for parsing articles for syndication feeds. The default is to clone since this seems to work better.

$wgWikilogCloneParser = true;

User rights[edit]

User rights are defined through the $wgGroupPermissions MediaWiki variable in LocalSettings.php. See Manual:User rights for details. Wikilog-specific rights are listed below.


Users with this right are allowed to post comments to wikilog articles (through Wikilog "post comment" form in the talk page) even if they don't have edit privileges to talk pages.

By default, all authenticated users have this right. It is possible to allow anonymous users to add comments by using this setting:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['wl-postcomment'] = true;


Users with this right are allowed to moderate anonymous comments to wikilog articles (only useful if $wgWikilogModerateAnonymous is enabled).

By default, all users in the sysop group have this right. It is possible to remove this right from sysops, or define a new group of users that will have this right.

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['wl-moderation'] = true;  // default setting
$wgGroupPermissions['moderators']['wl-moderation'] = true;