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Release status:Extension status stable

ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type PHP
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Faster diff plugin for MediaWiki under PHP 5
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Tim Starling (Tim Starling (WMF)talk)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.6+
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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Wikidiff2 is a PHP and HHVM module that provides the external diff engine for MediaWiki. It is partly based on the original wikidiff, partly on DifferenceEngine.php. It performs word-level (space-delimited) diffs on general text, and character-level diffs on text composed of characters from the Japanese and Thai alphabets and the unified han; it includes support for Thai segmentation for word-level diffs in that language. Japanese, Chinese and Thai do not use spaces to separate words. The input is assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. Invalid UTF-8 may cause undesirable operation, such as truncation of the output, so the input should be validated by the application. The input text should have unix-style line endings.

The output is an HTML fragment -- a number of HTML table rows with the rest of the document structure omitted. The characters "<", ">" and "&" will be HTML-escaped in the output.



First, get and compile libthai (it should be on your OS or distro's packages).

Then, get and compile wikidiff2. You need phpize (shipped with PHP).

$ git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/p/mediawiki/php/wikidiff2.git
$ cd wikidiff2
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file:

$wgExternalDiffEngine = 'wikidiff2';

Make sure that your php option

extension = wikidiff2.so

is set. This is usually set in your php.ini file.

Debian GNU/Linux or its derivative[edit]

apt-get install php-wikidiff2

Add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file:

$wgExternalDiffEngine = 'wikidiff2';

In your php.ini file (/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini or /etc/php5/conf.d/wikidiff2.ini - any name you like), add:

extension = wikidiff2.so

Known problems[edit]

In older versions of the Debian package, if you have short_open_tag=Off in php.ini, you may see the following text at the top of every page when this extension is installed:

'Wikidiff2', 'version' => '', 'author' => 'Tim Starling', 
'description' => 'external diff engine for MediaWiki',
'url' => 'https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Wikidiff2' );
$wgExternalDiffEngine = 'wikidiff2';

This happens due to short php open tags (<? instead of <?php).


  • Change the short_open_tag php.ini directive to On.
  • Manually edit the PHP files of this extension, changing <? to <?php.

See http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=716995