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Release status:Extension status stable

ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type Hook
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Http:BL extension to mediawiki, implement DNSBL to block spammer's.
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Mario Oyorzabal Salgado
Latest versionTemplate:Extension#version 0.2.2 (2008-02-01)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.6 +
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GNU General Public License v2
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ExampleTemplate:Extension#example Gruslic
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Wiki-httpbl is an extension that allows users to integrate Project Honey Pot API functionality on their Mediawiki websites. For this you'll need to register an account and request for an API key on the project website.


  • Mediawiki version 1.6+, if you can test it on later/other versions please e-mail me to know about that :-D.
  • PHP4+
  • A Project Honey Pot API key and a Quicklink URL.


  • Uses Http:BL
  • Redirects to a trap when a spammer is detected
  • Can insert an address trap in the HTML code of a wiki site


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:

##### Include Http:bl
# Key of access to Http:BL (Project Honey Pot)
$wgWikiHttpBLKey = '------------';
# QuickLink (Project Honey Pot)
$wgWikiHttpBLTrap = '';
# Word to work whith Quicklink (url trap)
$wgWikiHttpBLTrapWord = 'mediawiki';
include( './extensions/wiki-httpbl/httpbl.php' );

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