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Whats Nearby
Release status: experimental
Implementation Parser function
Description Provides geolocation information to templates
Author(s) James Hong Kong
Latest version 1.0.0-alpha
MediaWiki 1.23+
PHP 5.3+
Database changes No
Composer mediawiki/whats-nearby
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Example sandbox.semantic-mediawiki.org


  • Semantic MediaWiki 2.5+
  • Maps 4.3.x to 5.x

The Whats Nearby extension that adds geolocation (HTML5) detection information to templates in order to generate adaptive content. See the README file for detailed instructions on how to install and use this extension.

Having the Maps extension installed is a precondition for this extension to work. Best used in conjunction with the Semantic MediaWiki extension, though this is not a hard requirement.


The #nearby: parser function allows for the following parameters:

Parameter Aliases Type Default Example of values (separated by a "|") Description
querytemplate Local libraries,Point of interest
coordinates 47° 37' 13.9368'' N,122° 20' 56.8860'' W
interval 450
radius 300 m
limit integer 1
format category | openlayers | embedded | table | googlemaps
geolocation boolean
detectLocation boolean
nolocation boolean
localcache no
controls slider
class right-side
querytemplate semantic.nearby.query.tmpl | SightseeingSpot
 |querytemplate=Local libraries,Point of interest
 |coordinates=47° 37' 13.9368'' N,122° 20' 56.8860'' W
 |radius=300 m

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