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Extension:UploadWizard/Book upload customization

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UploadWizard: Book upload customization


Name and Contact information


Name: Nazmul Chowdhury

Email: nkchowdh@hunter.cuny.edu or rasel160@gmail.com

IRC: #mediawiki: Rasel160


Hours: Will be able to put in 40+ hours a week between June 1 and August 23, available 24/7



This project can be deployed either as modification to the UploadWizard:(Straight from the ideas page)

  • On the "Upload" screen there would be another button labeled as "Import book" which would activate a similar functionality as now provides the "MediaWiki Internet Archive Import tool".
  • On the "Describe" screen there would be an additional option to import external metadata from external sources either in MARC, BibJson or others. Currently MARCsman exists as a standalone tool
  • Extra data fields for books
  • Store all book meta data in the commons Template:Book
  • Create automatically an "Index:" page on Wikisource with the relevant data.



Up to June 20: project research, get familiar with the UploadWizard code

June 21- July 20: write the code for the upload screen interface, storing the metadata.

July 21- August 5: write the code to import external metadata from external sources

August 6-10: test the code

August 11- 20: fix bugs, code clean up, write documentation

August 21: pencil down

About Me


My name is Nazmul Chowdhury, i have a passion to understand what makes things tick. this lead me to Computer Science. Currently I am Senior at Hunter College -CUNY, double major in Computer Science and Economics. My interest in web-development sparked in 2011, I started to work on a website idea that would allow you to search for music from tv, movies, etc. and recommend music/artists based on user preferences. I didn't know anything about web development at that time and learned on the way thanks to stackoverflow and w3schools. I Interned for a startup called VipArt, started out with minor CSS/HTML bug fixing and cross browser compatibility to developing major JavaScript applications for the main site and mobile specific JavaScript applications to take advantages of touch screen capabilities. After my internship I have free-lanced for a bit as a PHP developer, I am currently working as a Research Assistant, developing software aiding research in Bio-Informatics using Java, Hibernate, JSP, and Struts MVC framework. Our code is out on github, keep in mind this is a work in progress, was rushed to github due my application to GSoC.

I first stumbled across Wikipedia in 8th grade, when I was doing research for my science project. I have been, addicted to it ever since. Everything I am, is thanks to Wikipedia, it has got me through High School papers and now it’s helping me navigate through College. Wikimedia centralized human knowledge acquired throughout the centuries and continuously growing, and I want to make it better, better for me and better for the entire world.



I am comfortable working under a mentor with electronic communication only. My support structure for codeing always has been the stackoverflow community, and the internet in general this is where I will probably first look for help, if I am stuck somewhere and my second line of defense is of course the mediawiki community.

Past open source experience


I have fixed a few bugs/made some improvements on mediawiki UploadWizard extension, gerrit / gerrit-review. I am also part of MiKinetic, an web-application being built to help research in the BioInformatics(currently stores/displays interaction between Ligands and Receptors and eventually people will be able to run simulations using the data).