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This page is a translated version of the page Extension:TranslationNotifications and the translation is 57% complete.

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Estado da versão: estável
Implementação Special page , Notify
Descrição Permite que os tradutores se registem para obter notificações de tradução
Autor(es) Jon Harald Soby, Amir Aharoni, Santhosh Thottingal, Niklas Laxström, Siebrand Mazeland
Última versão Atualizações contínuas
MediaWiki 1.27+
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Licença GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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A extensão Notificações de Tradução fornecem um modo para gerir a comunicação com os tradutores numa wiki, que utiliza a extensão Traduzir.

A extensão tem duas partes principais:

Para tradutores
um formulário onde os tradutores se registam para as notificações. Estes podem indicar os idiomas nos quais podem traduzir e os métodos de contacto e a frequência, incluindo as opções de resumo.
Para administradores de tradução
um formulário para enviar pedidos de tradução de página. A notificação será entregue a todos os tradutores correspondentes com as condições, imediatamente ou mais tarde num e-mail de resumo.


The extension is useful only if the Translate extension is installed and configured.

Instruções de transferência

The extension can be retrieved directly from Git [?]:

  • Browse code
  • Some extensions have tags for stable releases.
  • Each branch is associated with a past MediaWiki release. There is also a "master" branch containing the latest alpha version (might require an alpha version of MediaWiki).

Extract the snapshot and place it in the extensions/TranslationNotifications/ directory of your MediaWiki installation.

If you are familiar with git and have shell access to your server, you can also obtain the extension as follows:

cd extensions/
git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/TranslationNotifications.git


  • Exporte e coloque o ficheiro, ou ficheiros, num diretório chamado TranslationNotifications, na sua pasta extensions/.


The following configuration variables are used:

$wgTranslationNotificationsContactMethods configures which contact methods are enabled. These are the default values:

$wgTranslationNotificationsContactMethods = array(
	'email' => true,
	'talkpage' => true,
	'talkpage-elsewhere' => false,

$wgNotificationUsername and $wgNotificationUserPassword configure the username and the password for notifying on other wikis. This must be an existing global account on the wiki family. Example:

$wgNotificationUsername = 'TranslationManager';
$wgNotificationUserPassword = 'Loc01izah';

Note that the username and the password appear in plain text, so they must not be publicly accessible (like $wgDBuser. and $wgDBpassword). Also note that these settings are not required if you are using this extension on a single wiki instance.

Páginas especiais

=== Especial:Registo do Tradutor

A special page where translators can sign up. Example: Special:TranslatorSignup on Wikimedia's Meta-wiki. Users can set their language preferences (first, second and third language) and the contact method such as email or talk page notifications. It's also possible to ask to be notified on a talk page on a different wiki in the same CentralAuth-based wiki family.[1] They can also choose the frequency of notifications: always (every time there is something to translate), weekly digest or monthly digest. The email option will be available only for users who confirmed their email address.

In the case you have enabled email notification for user talk edits in the wiki of choice, you'll get it also for translation notifications, so it's probably better to select only email as method, to avoid duplicate messages.

Especial:Notificar Tradutores

This page is available for translation managers. They use it notify about the availability of a translatable page (notifications for other message groups are not supported). They can optionally set a deadline and a priority and add a custom message. They can also send the notification only to translators to particular languages. If no languages are set, all the translators who signed up will receive the notification.

The user right required to operate this page is 'translate-manage'. For example, to allow all sysops to use this page, add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file:

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['translate-manage'] = true;

Configuração de notificação

The notifications - email, digest emails, talk page notifications - are done with the help of the Job Queue. You need to configure the job queue execution time as explained in the Job queue manual.

The DigestEmailer script needs to be configured using a cron job. For example, it can be scheduled to run on every Sunday 10AM using a crontab entry like the following one:

0 10 * * 7 /usr/bin/php /www/wiki/extensions/TranslationNotifications/scripts/DigestEmailer.php 2>&1 > /var/log/digestEmail.log

The script will not start sending emails immediately. It starts inserting email jobs to the MediaWiki job queue. Depending on the configured job queue scheduling the mails will be send out.

Notas de Rodapé

  1. And if the wiki is a part of such a family, of course.