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What it is[edit]

Touchgraph is a proposal for a Java applet that renders interactive graphs. This extension extracts your wiki-content and stores it in XML-files that can be read by Touchgraph. A Touchgraph applet is rendered as part of a special page.

Modified Touchgraph Applet[edit]

WikiViz is a MediaWiki extension to visualize semantic MediaWiki-content. The links between articles, categories, images, authors and urls are represented in different colors by a dynamic conceptual-map. WikiViz can be used as a cognitive-tool for knowledge-management or educational training. Additional to the simple implementation of the Touchgraph-Apllet, this extension allows you to select between different views: 1) only inks between existing articles 2) all links with external urls 3) full links

You cans also define which parameter schould define the size of the nodes: a) the nomber of visits b) the size of the article c) the number of modifications

WikiViz implements a modified version of the Touchgraph visualization-applet. It contains functionalities to extract the semantic content from the Mediawiki plateform and to construct the needed XML-files.

The download you will find here (this url is no longer correct):

Another implementation[edit]

This extension caches the XML file used by Touchgraph. If the file is older than a given threshold, it is automatically regenerated.