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Test plan[edit | edit source]

This page documents the test plan for various TMH features. You can test out TimedMediaHandler at the test wiki on the beta cluster.

Frontend[edit | edit source]

The following page has a front-end feature overview as wikitext page

The user-facing features need to be tested on multiple browsers. Not all browsers support all features.

Supported Feature/Browser Matrix on Google Docs, will be moved into the wiki once it's finished, but it's much easier to edit over there for now.

Backend[edit | edit source]

The backend features need to be tested with one browser (if they interact with a browser at all).

  • Cross-wiki video usage
    • Make sure this works when the child wiki has tmh and the source wiki does not
  • Failed transcodes
    • transcode broken video
    • break the transcoder halfway through, see if it recovers
    • create permission issues?
  • Transcode reset
  • All supported input formats (into all appropriate output formats)
    • Odd framerates
    • Odd bitrates
    • Nonstandard frame sizes
    • Odd-numbered resolutions, if we can find the videos
    • Odd container formats
    • Combinations of audio/video codec

Labs test configuration[edit | edit source]

This is, as far as we can tell, a configuration that duplicates production on Commons well enough that testing in it will be meaningful:

  • A vm that has the same configuration as a commons app server. Lots of storage isn't necessary, since it'll just have a few test videos on it. Will this do what we want?
  • A vm that can act as a scaler for that machine
  • At least two vms that can act as transcoders
  • A distributed file store backend that matches commons (NFS now, SWIFT later?), and is visible from the transcoders
  • A squid in front of everything so we can catch any caching-related bugs
  • Set up en.wikipedia.beta to use tmh cross-wiki