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This is technical documentation of the extension. There is also a user documentation.
MediaWiki Handleiding extensies
Release status: stabiel
Implementatie Speciale pagina , Pagina actie
Beschrijving Preview pages using sandboxed templates
Auteur(s) Brad Jorsch (Anomieoverleg)
Laatste versie 1.1.0 (continuous updates)
Compatibiliteit beleid Snapshots releases samen met MediaWiki. Master is niet achterwaarts compatibel.
MediaWiki 1.35+
PHP 7.0+
Licentie GNU General Public Licentie 2.0 of hoger
  • $wgTemplateSandboxEditNamespaces
Downloads kwartaal 65 (Ranked 107th)
Publieke wiki's die het gebruiken 1,040 (Ranked 233rd)
Vertaal de TemplateSandbox extensie indien beschikbaar op translatewiki.net
Problemen Open taken · Rapporteer een bug

The TemplateSandbox extension adds the ability to preview a page using sandboxed versions of templates, allowing for easy testing before making the sandbox code live. It also works with Scribunto modules.


  • Download en plaats de bestanden in de map TemplateSandbox in de map extensions/.
  • Voeg de volgende code onderaan aan het bestand LocalSettings.php toe:
    wfLoadExtension( 'TemplateSandbox' );
  • Yes Klaar – Navigeer naar Special:Version op de wiki om te controleren dat de extensie geïnstalleerd is.


  • $wgTemplateSandboxEditNamespaces - Namespaces in which to show the "Preview page with this template" box below the edit form. NS_TEMPLATE by default. Can be expanded to all namespaces by individual users using advancedtemplatesandbox.js.


The extension adds a new special page, Special:TemplateSandbox. To preview a page using sandboxed templates, do the following:

  1. Copy the templates to be tested under a common prefix. For example, you might copy Template:Foo to User:Example/sandbox/Template:Foo. Alternatively, you might create User:Example/sandbox/Template:Foo as a redirect to Template:Foo/sandbox.
  2. Go to Special:TemplateSandbox. Fill in the page or revision to be rendered, and the prefix you chose in step 1. It is possible to specify multiple prefixes (a prefix search path) by separating them using vertical bars, e.g. User:Example/sandbox1|User:Example/sandbox2.
  3. Click View.

The extension also adds a box at the bottom of the edit form for pages in the namespaces configured in $wgTemplateSandboxEditNamespaces. This allows for previewing some other page as it would appear were the template being edited saved with the current contents of the edit form. The box can be forced to appear in the edit form for any page by adding the query parameter wpTemplateSandboxShow to the URL.

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