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Release status: stable
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Description Adds a parser function to output Subversion changes.
Author(s) Stéphane GALLAND (sgalland-arakhnetalk)
Latest version 1.2
License GPL
Download http://www.arakhne.org/mediawiki/SubversionChanges/

Check usage and version matrix.


SubversionChanges is an extension of Mediawiki to extract a change log from a Subversion server and format it.

Example: http://www.janus-project.org/index.php/ChangeLog:DailyBuild


  1. Download SubversionChanges,
  2. Unpack the archive in your Mediawiki directory
  3. add require_once('extensions/SubversionChanges/SubversionChanges.php'); in your LocalSettings.php.


SubversionChanges extension uses several global variables which may be set in LocalSetting.php:

  • $wgSvnRepoPaths
    Defines the paths to the SVN repositories. It is an associative array of (project_id => repository_url)
  • $wgSvnRepoAuth
    Defines the authentification informations to the SVN repositories. It is an associative array of (project_id => "login password")
  • $wgSvnRepoJiraProjectIds
    Defines the identifiers for the projects on JIRA. These identifiers will be automatically detected and enclosed by ‎<jira /> HTML tag. By default, the project id passed to the parser function is recognized.


SubversionChanges provides the parser function {{#svnchanges}}. This function is expanded to a change log extracted from a Subversion server.


  • projectName: is the identifier of the project, see configuration.
  • branch: is the branch identifier of the project (by default: trunk).
    • If branch is a version number, the directory /tags/projectName-branch on the Subversion server is used.
    • If branch is empty or equal to "trunk" the directory /trunk on the Subversion server is used.
    • In the other cases, the directory /branches/branch on the Subversion server is used.


  • 1.2: Call the parser recursively on the elements to allow expansion of wikitext.
  • 1.1: In version 1.0, {{#svnchanges}} does not take into account the branchName parameter. It is fixed in version 1.1.
  • 1.0: First Public Release on Mediawiki website.