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Substring and Strlen
Release status: stable
Implementation Parser function
Description This extension adds the ability to get string length and sub strings
Author(s) Brian Malinconico (Arjestalk)
License No license specified
Download Version 1 code
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This code snippet was created to help make templates reverse compatible. The idea is that #substring can be used in combination with the #if function to identify the version of the input string.


Copy the code from the download link on the right to your MediaWiki directory extensions directory/SubString/SubString.php

Then at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file add the following code:

require_once($IP . "/extensions/SubString/SubString.php");

Functions added[edit]

  • {{#substring:<string>|<start>|<length>}}

Please see https://secure.php.net/function.substr for more full documentation. In this implementation start defaults to 0. All parameters are sent directly to the php substr function so all valid php input should be valid for this function.

  • {{#strlen:<string>}}

Please see https://secure.php.net/function.strlen for more complete documentation. The value passed in <string> is passed directly to the php strlen function. If string is omitted (or blank) it will return a length of 0.