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Version 1.3.0[edit]

Configuration changes[edit]

Version 1.2.2[edit]

Bug fixes[edit]

Version 1.2.1[edit]


  • The message sru-realname-desc in the languages en,de,fr,it has been enhanced with the hint that other data besides the user's real name can be added.
  • The message sru-realname-desc in the language nb now uses html entities for non-ASCII characters.

Other changes[edit]

RV1971 has taken over the maintainer role from Paul Lustgarten. Thanks to Paul for creating and maintaining the extension so far.

Version 1.2[edit]

Configuration changes[edit]

Even though the Configuration offers more options than it did in version 1.1.1, your existing configuration works as before.

New features[edit]

  • The list of fields to retrieve from the database is now configurable. For instance, it can be used to retrieve the email as well.
  • Only users having the showrealname right do see the real names. Thanks to User:Phantomsteve for suggesting the feature and the implementation.
  • The languages French and Italian have been added to the messages file.

Other changes[edit]

  • The code has been reviewed in order to comply more closely with the guidelines on mediawiki.org. In particular, it has been wrapped into a class.