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It's nice to have red links point to the right form for creating the page, but this still calls for work on the part of users - they have to click to the form, fill out the fields and save the page. This is especially bothersome when the form contains few or no fields, and/or if there are many such pages to be created. You can instead have such red-linked pages get automatically created by the system.

To do this, instead of Property:Has default form or Property:Has alternate form, you should add the special property Property:Creates pages with form to the property that you want pointing to those automatically-created pages. For instance, if you have pages that point with the property "Has country" to other pages, and you want those other pages to automatically be created using a form called "Country". You just need to add the following to the "Has country" property's page:

[[Creates pages with form::Country]]

It should be noted that it may take a while for each page to be created, since page creation is done through MediaWiki "jobs", which can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours or more to run, depending on the length of the job queue.