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MediaWiki extensions manual - list
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Release status: stable

Implementation Special page, Search
Description Performs a slow, inefficient wiki search on the full page text.
Author(s) JohanTheGhost
Latest version 1.0.1 (2007-05-02)
MediaWiki 1.7+
Database changes No
License GPL v2 or later
Download see here
Added rights

uses patrol right

Translate the RigorousSearch extension if possible

Check usage and version matrix; code metrics

The RigorousSearch extension implements a full-page search facility, by the tedious method of individually searching the source of each page as stored in the "page" / "text" tables -- not the FULLTEXT index kept in the "searchindex" table for MySQL searches.

This is very slow, and almost totally useless -- except that it allows searching of the complete page source, not just the user-visible version of the text stored in "searchindex". So, for example, if you want to search for hyperlinks to a particular web site, this will work, whereas a MediaWiki search would not ("searchindex" includes link text, but not the link URL). You can also use it to search for particular markup tags.

A useful application is to search for novice users making "http://..." links into the wiki instead of using regular wikilinks, which causes pages to appear orphaned when they're not.

Note: Extension:LinkSearch can also search for particular http://... links, and is much faster (but it wasn't around when RigorousSearch was originally written). Extension:LinkSearch was also made obsolete by Special:LinkSearch, added to core in MW 1.14.0.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The extension creates a new special page, Special:RigorousSearch. Because it uses a lot of resources, access is restricted to users with "patrol" user rights (which by default means sysops). (You can change this easily enough; search for "patrol" in the code.)

You can invoke this feature in multiple ways:

  • Go to [[Special:RigorousSearch]], and fill in the search form.
  • Link to [[Special:RigorousSearch/mypattern]] to do an immediate search for "mypattern". Due to URL processing, this won't work for patterns containing special characters, including multiple slashes (as in "http://...").
  • Link to [http://x/w/index.php?title=Special:RigorousSearch&pattern=mypattern]. This also does an immediate search for "mypattern", but you can use "%2F" escapes for slashes, etc.

Note that this is really slow. You should only use it when necessary, and you probably shouldn't use it on large wikis at all.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  1. Download the extension code:
    • Version 1.0: known to work with PHP 5 and MW 1.7; may work on PHP 4.
  2. Save the code in your wiki's extensions directory as extensions/SpecialRigorousSearch.php.

Changes to LocalSettings.php[edit | edit source]