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MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User interface, Special page
Description publish a RSS Feed about activitys on your MediaWiki instance
Author(s) Thiemo Schuff (Starwhoopertalk)
Latest version 1.6 build 20161213 (2016-12-13)
MediaWiki tested on 1.23.3 - 1.28.0
PHP tested on 5.4.32 & 5.5.16 & 5.6.20
Database changes No
License Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0
Example (xml): http://thwiki.org/t=Special:RSSpublisher; (feed): http://www.feedbucket.com/?src=http%3A%2F%2Fthwiki.org%2Ft%3DSpecial%3ARSSpublisher
default 0
  • $wgRSSpublisher['pagedescription']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['namespaces']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['limit']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['showatsidebarnavigation']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['showatsidebarrss']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['showredirects']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['defaultpic']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['imagewidth']
  • $wgRSSpublisher['textwithimages']

What can this extension do?[edit]

It creates an RSS feed that list activities from your MediaWiki instance. Actuel in reason of article changes. More in further time.


0.3 beta build 20140906[edit]

  • first public version

1.0 beta build 20140916[edit]

  • add blank between Lizenceinformation and Pagetext
  • add more details about version in XML header
  • hide content between "{" and "}" from rss item description
  • hide ''' and '' from rss item description
  • use $wgFavicon instead of $wgLogo as RSS Feed icon
  • BUGFIX: Post text of newest version of article
  • BUGFIX: Handle Mediawiki Logo as defaultpic
  • $wgRSSpublisher['thumbsize'] not more needed
  • Thumbnails will automatic create, its not more needed that there are still exist in the thumb folder
  • use $wgRSSpublisher['imagewidth'] to set a imagewidth. Default is 88 pixel [1]

1.4 beta build 20150818[edit]

  • encode imagename in URL to provide a valid RSS
  • add info in reason of new user
  • additional link in the description, that open the changes page of the article.
  • cache xml feed (actuel if will new calculate each time when xml will requested from client); with $wgRSSpublisher['maxcacheage'] will you be able to set the max ago of usable cache
  • Change RSS Icon to a CSS one
  • Fix issue to calculate the imagesize of images out of the Wikimedia Commons

1.6 build 20161213[edit]

  • compatible with MediaWiki 1.27 and newer
  • fix and optimice calcalation with dates of publication
  • use $wgRSSpublisher['textwithimages'] to enable pictures in rss feed text


Download instructions[edit]

You can download it from here: https://github.com/Starwhooper/MW-RSS_Publisher


  1. create the folder "RSSpublisher" the the extension folder of your MediaWiki
  2. download the zip and copy the contained files in the new created folder
  3. add the following to LocalSettings.php:
    $wgRSSpublisher['pagedescription']           = 'I love my project';
    //$wgRSSpublisher['imagewidth']           	 = //(optional) width of imahges in rss, when not set it will be 88;
    //$wgRSSpublisher['defaultpic']              = //(optional) if it not set, if will use the $wgLogo
    //$wgRSSpublisher['limit']                   = //(optional) count of entrys, if it not set will shown 30. "unlimited" shows all.
    //$wgRSSpublisher['namespaces']              = //(optional) if not set, only namespace 0 will shown 
    //$wgRSSpublisher['showatsidebarnavigation'] = //(optional) set it to false, to remove it from Navigation chapter on siderbar
    //$wgRSSpublisher['showatsidebarrss']        = //(optional) set it to false, to remove RSS chapter and icon on siderbar
    //$wgRSSpublisher['showredirects']           = //(optional), standard is false. if it true, redirected pages will also list
    //$wgRSSpublisher['textwithimages']          = //(optional), if true the RSS Textcontent will also contains an image.
  4. Create category "RSSpublisher blacklist" on your MediaWiki instace and add the pictures in it that you don't want publish over the RSS. example on my Page: http://thwiki.org/t=Kategorie:RSSpublisher_blacklist