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In commit 7bd29bb we enabled minifying the popups sources with UglifyJS after some research. Here are the tests we performed that lead to enable it.


Size comparison between minification performed by ResourceLoader & JSMin and UglifyJS via webpack.

Size comparison between minification performed by resource loader using uglify JS and using Node's uglify js via webpack.


File Bytes Bytes % Gzip -9 Gzip Bytes %
ResourceLoader minified 57950 100% 14644 100%
Node uglify-js 2.3.6 minified 33711 58.17% (41.83% smaller) 10821 73.89% (26.11% smaller)


Node's uglify produces ~40% smaller code, still being ~25% smaller after gzip.

Upon inspection on the compiled files, main reason seems to be because of mangling being enabled on the node version, as it seems to be safe now (in the past it was considered unsafe and not recommended, now only property mangling is considered unsafe and disabled by default).