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Release status:Extension status stable

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ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type Parser function
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Creates links to view or download files using icons appropriate to the file type
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Martin Schwindl, Martin Keyler and Sophivorus
Latest versionTemplate:Extension#version 5.1 (2018-01-30)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.23+
PHPTemplate:Extension#php 5.3+
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GPLv2+
Hooks usedTemplate:Extension#hook

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Check usage and version matrix.

The MsLinks extension adds a button to the editor that creates links to view or download files using icons appropriate to the file type.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called MsLinks in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:
    wfLoadExtension( 'MsLinks' );
  • YesY Done – Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.


You can configure the icon that is associated with each file type, by adding the icon to the images folder of the MsLinks extension and setting the $wgMSL_FileTypes array appropriately. Below is the default configuration:

$wgMSL_FileTypes = [
	'no' => 'no_icon.png',
	'jpg' => 'image_icon.png',
	'gif' => 'image_icon.png',
	'bmp' => 'image_icon.png',
	'png' => 'image_icon.png',
	'tiff' => 'image_icon.png',
	'tif' => 'image_icon.png',
	'ai' => 'image_ai_icon.png',
	'psd' => 'image_ps_icon.png',
	'pdf' => 'pdf_icon.png',
	'pps' => 'pps_icon.png',
	'ppt' => 'pps_icon.png',
	'pptx' => 'pps_icon.png',
	'xls' => 'xls_icon.png',
	'xlsx' => 'xls_icon.png',
	'doc' => 'doc_icon.png',
	'docx' => 'doc_icon.png',
	'dot' => 'doc_icon.png',
	'dotx' => 'doc_icon.png',
	'rtf' => 'doc_icon.png',
	'txt' => 'txt_icon.png',
	'html' => 'code_icon.png',
	'php' => 'code_icon.png',
	'exe' => 'exe_icon.gif',
	'asc' => 'txt_icon.png',
	'dwg' => 'dwg_icon.gif',
	'zip' => 'zip_icon.png',
	'mov' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'mpeg' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'mpg' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'wmv' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'avi' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'mp4' => 'movie_icon.png',
	'flv' => 'movie_flash_icon.png',
	'wma' => 'music_icon.png',
	'mp3' => 'music_icon.png',
	'wav' => 'music_icon.png',
	'mid' => 'music_icon.png',


To insert a MsLink, simply edit a page and click on the new button in the toolbar. It will insert an empty MsLink, which you can then fill with the filename of the file you want to link to. You can also add some parameters to it, like in regular images. Below are some examples of usage:

Description Input Result
Basic MsLink {{#l:Testfile.pdf}} [[:|Testfile.pdf]]
MsLink with description {{#l:Testfile.pdf|File description}} [[:|File description]]
Icon on the right side {{#l:Testfile.pdf|File description|right}} [[:|File description]]
Direct MsLink {{#l:dlink|Testfile.pdf|This file will be downloaded when clicked}}

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