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High Level Changes[edit]




Git Log[edit]

commit a94837d0418669b0b197138f4f1800d0243e6405 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Mon Feb 4 22:20:12 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I507fb49468266b82e5050784c2f18f1220c23a6a

commit 7127d8d2768243ba3802b5db87c9856bc5abced6 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Sat Feb 2 21:32:48 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I677792bc3082b36f43a1635ad88486747485f21d

commit f35146cd145e48fb49f0066df09bf4ca2a8c3f1d Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Fri Feb 1 22:15:39 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I8c613dcace78e269673bdd8535ab13b88c03e0ac

commit 9cb1c2facfd7ecabe431b63278c2a848163ab61d Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Feb 1 11:58:18 2013 -0800

   More message cleanup (minor fix)
   Change-Id: I79b8dbbf213314b2fdfb8ea0390fa1ad9b8eca37

commit 33d4ba6bb0a8a788ee0dbac7bfedf4c6c17ab0ec Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 22 16:41:13 2013 -0800

   Overhaul photo upload code (#332)
   Make photo upload code more modular. This introduces a new object,
   PhotoUploader, which can be reused in various places. See docs comments
   in mf-photo.js for details.
   * Cancel link on the upload progress notification does not
     cancel the requests right now. This will be added in the next commit as
     it requires some bigger changes to the api wrapper.
   * Photo preview styling is not complete (still doesn't look exactly like
     design assets), this will be fixed in future commits.
   Change-Id: I71b6a38d7089427001972d7ffb743791a949983b

commit a8e647b6f45313f26bf44a52ca25331aa979c6dd Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 29 11:04:22 2013 -0800

   Refactor links and url code in skin (code cleanup)
   Shift anything to do with links or urls to prepareTemplateLinks
   In process discover unused properties that we can throw away \o/
   Change-Id: I6535f83ccbb3fcf1a484d676e0e59c3e3b18cad8

commit 66be21740a6feefc16268be2edb718eed1dc77cb Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Jan 31 16:18:04 2013 -0800

   don't send origin when cors not being used (arthur was right)
   Change-Id: Ia0e84349864cda38d9d65c8c39082b31fbbd99a0

commit 388b58c5f0ca77a95b2aebd8deb291fd3685c4a8 Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 17:18:07 2013 -0800

   Add View, an abstraction over jQuery elements.
   This might help us untangle the JavaScript code a bit. Inspired by
   Backbone's views and Knockout.js's ViewModels.
   See docs in the code and tests for more details. Real use case example
   in subsequent commits.
   It's the first version, we can change it or rewrite it later on
   when we discover our use patterns for it.
   Also adds Hogan as a templating engine.
   Change-Id: Ic70e708328e73d07c82f767d24be5299d94b9699

commit 079f0a127a535cebbed8449d85eb526a826118ec Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 29 16:20:10 2013 -0800

   make use of $wgMFResourceBoilerplate (refactor)
   cleanup our code \o/
   Change-Id: If560cb79251660c023a5c107dbefe7c241e9a19e

commit 6708d21717fa4b14bfcbcb462c164aeed92a7bf2 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Thu Jan 31 20:42:51 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I0d6a4bb7a76e59db7a28a8a9f8f7cdf9a8e5c960

commit 7a81f79979a82ed5686d719362a047a0101bafec Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Jan 31 11:40:56 2013 -0800

   scrub inline styles on dynamically loaded pages (alpha)
   currently it only scrubs the initial page
   be more ruthless
   Change-Id: I0f0d59404683e1db9567c3726fc99c4998450eeb

commit 48702b248fcecdfa83b677d7e8aa4149aa851c04 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 29 10:20:53 2013 -0800

   clicking uploads when anon redirects to login (story 359)
   * add prepareTemplateUrls function - prepareTemplate is too meaty
   * add getLoginUrl method. With $wgMFForceSecureLogin the abstraction seems to be
   useful for code reduction
   * add getLoginPageHeading to allow customisation of the heading based on the returnto value
   * take away can upload check. Firstly this applies to the current wiki so is
   wrong when uploads go elsewhere e.g. commons, secondly the page should be visible
   to these users (in future we may want to tell them how they can upload)
   Change-Id: I28b4b71984928b265fe513b48de1cc36029d76ed

commit 8ce8271f6c66cab1c8d3c49eadca32e754211b16 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Jan 30 16:52:06 2013 -0800

   overhaul of special pages (bug 44042)
   Give all special pages the div with class content so default pages
   have a margin and are readable
   Where no margin is required these special pages must access the skin
   and force it
   make noMargins only turn off margin on child .content elements
   remove unnecessary div on watchlist page
   Change-Id: I16562952741e93ce7a3720b34923db92afd5fdef

commit 3c75a3701a55c5d526b6fa20e54bfe198b88d13a Author: MaxSem <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Thu Jan 31 00:13:09 2013 +0000

   Revert "A stopgap measure to make Nearby to work for everyone with a link"
   This reverts commit 0f86877eb4bb73f8a0f0b03df34830c6ecabc068

commit 0f86877eb4bb73f8a0f0b03df34830c6ecabc068 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Thu Jan 31 02:23:49 2013 +0400

   A stopgap measure to make Nearby to work for everyone with a link
   Change-Id: I0ecf53cf912768d14bd998cb279e88a1858cb9e6

commit b79c12621d7da8c500c6b1c675383ff6b084831a Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Jan 30 14:57:09 2013 -0800

   always show watchlist icon in left menu
   Change-Id: I4abedd1c113261ba799c60f139313c544727743d

commit 6dc13c3f84ef4a4ca3f72869c72841c99a52b0d1 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Wed Jan 30 20:49:29 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I08badaef658b4db4a49d3e5be5898fe80e96e604

commit 263ae0619e2d6c89421269e3f6ea160813bae979 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Wed Jan 30 03:55:24 2013 +0400

   Reduce dependency on $wgExtMobileFrontend
   Change-Id: Id21bfc41bf5b173f00607e01c424b24ab7272d5f

commit bb74936cfd5f1c868679a16f7c20ca9bf2cd7a88 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 29 14:36:13 2013 -0800

   fix descriptions on donate image page
   for CORS to work a origin parameter must be set
   Change-Id: I28fe83966241a3a372b604a21c0413a959171503

commit 49f09833a15a509a8e4f6307e1478e26087cac30 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Jan 29 13:54:31 2013 -0800

   package messages for toggle module (beta)
   currently messages are marked as production only but should also be
   available in beta
   Change-Id: I8bb0ddcb3308f1a89f00a36fe6f115316f85158b

commit c43f7cbac4e6433a4d62561a7883d781cc15d3a2 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Tue Jan 29 21:02:45 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: Iac032d9aa971e27c8c4e5addfc747b71554bb539

commit 7db71f86657ba59184d2d0e0e1d61da09ec6cfc1 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Mon Jan 28 16:52:28 2013 -0800

   ensure we mobile tag uploads over CORS (minor)
   Change-Id: I757db7c6a51cc7a4b9fc94019027df55ceafaee1

commit 597b264bcd5059ad72b96ff8a391071972cb773a Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Mon Jan 28 21:57:10 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I10209648d62c3456706bb808606ba03725cd37b1

commit d93bb66f9e9d41981ce3f881f02091b0a7fc9de6 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 16:26:57 2013 -0800

   Login form error message has no margin  (bug 44355)
   This was originally added for uploads page error message when
   not logged in. This keeps the margin there okay but fixes the one
   on the login form
   Change-Id: If57226e88f642023989003e12aeda05795067dbd

commit 0b01e18ec90eb28df3883d983ed231f9b0c697a6 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Jan 23 17:24:00 2013 -0800

   Surface image summaries on DonateImage page (beta)
   Add tests
   Change-Id: I6f80bcaebdf5bf38511d89cca48dbb125ab0fd27

commit 1e12fe56c53e70e267191255d190479ea2c2394e Author: Siebrand Mazeland <s.mazeland@xs4all.nl> Date: Mon Jan 28 19:30:40 2013 +0100

   Rename calls to wfArrayToCGI to wfArrayToCgi
   Follow-up to If7f4d4bf.
   Change-Id: Ie1ccc597573e93ba65f44ae2d5bb4f45cae52041

commit 28dbc2bf154f59873fff63aa21a487a1da006d08 Author: Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com> Date: Mon Jan 28 13:08:39 2013 +0100

   Updated Ruby gems
   Change-Id: Ic2a7fc91293642d9f1a59ec18b507f74cd04d1cb

commit c8c0bd4679625ed8efbe19c2fca5fb3ce923964b Author: awjrichards <arichards@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 18:46:45 2013 -0700

   (bug 44330) When a user logs in on HTTPS, set a cookie to force them to stay on HTTPS
   This uses existing functionality in core to emulate how things work
   on the desktop site, to ensure that when a user logs in to the site
   using HTTPS, but attempts to view a page on HTTP, they will be
   redirected to HTTPS.
   Change-Id: I0bcd52581279f9d35087bd9be91b5dc01fa9f702

commit 60637843f27a1f40de1473bf7c8a1298dd644785 Author: awjrichards <arichards@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 16:13:23 2013 -0700

   Refactor login hook into MobileFrontend.hooks.php
   * Also remove now unnecessary ExtMobileFrontend::attachHooks()
   * Changes 'OverloadTemplate' class to account creat/login-specific
   abstract class, which felt more appropriate since we had nothing
   else using OverloadTemplate, and we need a place to put shared logic/
   handling for login/account creation-specific stuff, and it seemed
   silly to create yet another class. The naming of these classes
   could probably use some improvement, however...
   * Exposes RequestContext in abstract template for login/account
   creation templates
   * Moves data prep for anon watchlist addition after login to template logic
   Change-Id: I70bd611b6386e0e1b7f0414fec3decef0e716ac7

commit 0ea8c6cc83c74c05e4001f6cced746b94a50f6d5 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 16:36:29 2013 -0800

   save the hash (bug 44139)
   In stable clicking on a section doesn't update the hash
   moving logic from toggle.js into history.js
   Change-Id: Ie31b6736ab26e82000bed19c0b5da9ad46a4a2d3

commit 6e63a69c8e99e97724dafbd108d1a6a7b58c06c4 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Jan 25 15:39:35 2013 -0800

   standardise ajax loader (code health)
   I was getting a 404 due to a bad url in mf-common.less with
   the generic ajax loader. This moves the image there and changes
   all references to it. In process standardised the name of the
   class that provides the ajax loader to 'loading' applied to watchlist
   loading star and edit screen as well as for dynamically loaded pages
   Change-Id: I2c679aa93f1e1313966bb4b9ab63da23a82e7320