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This page describes improvements that can be made to MassMessage's spamlist interface. The improvements were implemented as a Google Summer of Code project.

Status quo[edit]

Spamlists are free-formatted wikitext pages that use a parserfunction ({{#target: Page name |[optional wiki domain]}}) to store and process data. This is not very user-friendly and could be much better. Read on!

The future[edit]

Use a JSON ContentHandler to store structured information in the wikitext. The structure might look like:

        "page": "User talk:Legoktm",
        "wiki": "www.mediawiki.org"

With this, we can provide a user interface (similar to the one Wikidata has) for adding new entries, editing existing ones, or removing some. We can use JavaScript to autocomplete wiki names and more. Special pages would be used for non-JS fallbacks.

Technical requirements[edit]

  • ContentHandler setup for spamlists including validation code
  • JavaScript editing interface, with special page fallbacks
  • Maintenance script to convert existing spamlists