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MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User interface, API
Description Allows a user to mark a resource as helpful
Author(s) Brandon Harris, Rob Moen, Benny Situ
Latest version 0.2.0
MediaWiki 1.18
Tables mark_as_helpful
License GPL
  • $wgMarkAsHelpfulType
Quarterly downloads 0
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Issues Open tasks · Report a bug


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:


Run maintenance/update.php to install the database table


$wgMarkAsHelpfulType *Required

Array of types to enable for mark as helpful extension, $wgMarkAsHelpfulType should be added to LocalSettings.php following MarkAsHelpful.php configuration file


$wgMarkAsHelpfulType = array( 'mbresponse' ); //enabled for moodbar feedback response


1. ApiMarkAsHelpful - allows a user to mark/unmark an item as helpful

2. ApiGetMarkAsHelpfulItem - gets a list of users who marked the item as helpful

See the extension API files for detail information on the API parameters and output format


There are two variables in the API that control mark as helpful permissions:

 1 $isAbleToMark - check if current user has permission to mark the item 
 2 $isAbleToShow - check if the page has permission to request the item

Both variables are false by default and the 'onMarkItemAsHelpful' hook allows users to re-define the values of these two variables, the hook function should be like:

public static function onMarkItemAsHelpful( $type, $item, $user, &$isAbleToMark, $page, &$isAbleToShow ) {
       if ( $type == 'mbresponse' ) { //replace 'mbresponse' with the type that you define
           // code logic to re-define the boolean value for $isAbleToMark & $isAbleToShow
       return true;