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Release status: beta
Description SOASTA mPulse Real User Monitoring tag
Author(s) SOASTA
Latest version 1.0 (2015-08-28)
MediaWiki 1.18+
Database changes No
License MIT License

Check usage and version matrix.

The mPulse extension integrates SOASTA mPulse Real User Monitoring into your MediaWiki site.


  1. Download the files from GitHub as tar.gz or zip
  2. Create a directory mPulse in your $IP/extensions directory.
  3. Extract the files to this $IP /extensions/mPulse directory.
  4. Add
    require_once( "$IP/extensions/mPulse/mPulse.php" );
    // SOASTA mPulse API key (e.g. A1A1A-B2B2B-C3C3C-D4D4Dl-E5E5E)
    $wgmPulseApiKey = '';
    to the bottom of LocalSettings.php .
  5. Installation can now be verified through Special:Version of your wiki.

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