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This parser function creates a named style that can be referenced by the style= property of kml.placemark and kml.folder.

You should set styles in category pages or in the kmlexport-common system message, not on article pages where placemarks are placed. This way, styles are shared among all articles.

This function instantiates a <Style> KML feature.


{{#kml.style: id 


XML identifier of this style.
One or more style definitions. See Style syntax.


On success, the style is set and the function returns no text. If the syntax is not understood, a red error message box is displayed.


{{#kml.style: statue
|IconStyle(href=http://example.com/kml/statue.png scale=0.8)
|LabelStyle(#ffccffcc scale=0.8)
{{#kml.style: airport
|IconStyle(href=http://example.com/kml/airport.png scale=0.8)
|LabelStyle(#ffffcccc scale=0.8)
{{#kml.style: default
== $[name] ==
[[Main page]], [[Special:Recentchanges|Recent changes]]

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