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This parser function sets a placemark for the current article. This function instantiates a <Placemark> KML feature.


{{#kml.placemark: geometry 


Geometry of the placemark. Usually, you want to set the placemark to a point with given latitude and longitude coordinates. See Geometry syntax for possible geometries.
id (optional)
XML identifier used to refer to this feature. Usually unnecessary.
name (optional)
Name of the feature. If not provided, the current article title is used insted.
visibility (optional)
Sets visibility of the feature. Must be either 0 (zero) or 1 (one). Defaults to 1.
open (optional)
Sets if feature tree node is open. Must be either 0 (zero) or 1 (one). Defaults to 1.
snippet (optional)
Sets the snippet text of the feature.
style (optional)
Sets style URL of the feature. Usually it is a name starting with #, referring to a style set with kml.style. The style doesn't need to be in the same article.
description (optional)
Sets the description of the placemark. You may use arbitrary wiki markup that will be converted to HTML automatically.


On success, the placemark is set and the function returns no text. If the syntax is not understood, a red error message box is displayed.


{{#kml.placemark: Point(-22.951389,-43.210833)
|name=Christ the Redeemer
|[[Christ the Redeemer]] (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) is a large Art Deco-style statue of
[[Jesus Christ]] in [[Rio de Janeiro]], [[Brazil]]. The statue stands 38 m (125 feet) tall
and is located at the peak of the 710-m (2330-foot) [[Corcovado]] mountain in the
[[Tijuca Forest]] National Park, overlooking the city.

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