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KML Export defines the following parser functions for use in wiki articles:

KML markup functions[edit]

These functions are used to define KML features and their properties in article pages. All functions begin with kml., which means that they work like methods of a "kml" object, in an object-oriented sense.

Sets a placemark for the current article.
Puts features of the current article into a subfolder in the KML tree and also sets parameters of this folder.
Creates a named feature style.
Instantiates a text block where you can insert arbitrary wiki markup.

Convenience functions[edit]

These are miscellaneous functions that are useful when working with geographic data in wiki articles, and can also be used to convert coordinates for the functions listed above.

lat_deg2dms, long_deg2dms
Convert geographic coordinates in degree notation to degrees-minutes-seconds notation.
lat_dms2deg, long_dms2deg
Convert geographic coordinates in degrees-minutes-seconds notation to degree notation.