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The different prototypes for the Sentence-level editing project are to illustrate the concept, and can be used as a starting point for an actual implementation. All the prototypes are briefly described on this page.


Prototype 1[edit]


  • Proof of concept
  • Shows the basic usability ideas

View prototype 1 | Full description

Prototype 2[edit]


  • Actually usable
  • Edit box on top of the page providing and asking for basic information
  • Editing scales based upon the content
  • Editing shows a loading indicator

View prototype 2 | Full description

Prototype 3[edit]


  • Shows how it's possible to extend the editor
  • Highlights edited sentences

View prototype 3 | Full description


For the selection of the article a few things are important. First, the article should not be very long, as it has to be split into sentences manually. On the other hand, the article has to be rich of elements. It should contain images, templates of different kinds, references, etc. Also, it would be a shame if it would contain errors in the language. Therefore I selected the (at the moment) shortest featured article: Tropical Depression Ten (2005).

A featured article on Wikipedia is an article which has to meet high standards. This article also contains two floating images, many references, an infobox template, an in-text template, and a few other templates at the bottom. This seemed to be the perfect candidate to use in the prototypes.

Source code[edit]

There is a repository on Github where you can download the source, make contributions, and follow progress. The software is licensed under the GPLv2 or later, as mentioned in the README file.