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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta
Implementation User identity
Description Integrates authentication support with IP.Board
Author(s) MZXGianttalk
Latest version 1.33a (2010-10-30)
License No license specified
Download http://www.digitalmzx.net/mzxgiant/IPBAuth_1.33a.zip
Change log
Translate the IPBAuth extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
Check usage and version matrix.


  • Download and install MediaWiki
  • Download the IPBAuth ZIP file from http://www.digitalmzx.net/mzxgiant/IPBAuth_1.33a.zip
  • Extract the ZIP file to your MediaWiki extensions/ directory
  • NOTE: Your extensions/ directory and your LocalSettings.php must be writable by the web server for the installer to work!!!
  • Open a web browser to http://[your wiki index here]/extensions/installer.php
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Optional, edit includes/templates/Userlogin.php and under
<p id="userloginlink"><?php $this->html('link') ?></p>

add this line

<p id="userloginlink">Please Login with your <a href="/forums/">Forum user name</a>, or <a href="/forums/index.php?act=Reg">Register here</a></p>

Release Notes[edit]

v1.33 : The much-requested installer script is included with this. Please be aware that this is largely untested and may have some bugs, so make sure you make a backup of your wiki before using. This should make a painless installation possible, as it detects most all settings that would be needed for the plugin, including user groups. Also, note that on completion, for security reasons, it deletes itself.

v1.3 : Single sign-on support is DONE! Right now I'm calling it beta because I don't have a lot of testbed space, but I do know it works on 3.1.0 (and my guess is that it will regress just fine down to 3.0.x as well) but as for the 2.x.x and 1.x.x trees, I have doubts that it will function as expected. The one big disclaimer about the underscore/space discrepancy fix is that if you have two IPB users with similar names, such as "User_A" and "User A", the account associated with "User_A" will always take precedence on login. When using single-sign on this doesn't matter. For sites that choose to use this plugin, please leave your URL on the discussion page so I know how many people are getting good use out of this! Thanks!

Change Log[edit]

  • v1.0
    • create the user in MW if it does not exist
    • set/unset the admin group in MW if the user is a admin in IPB
    • tested in IPB 2.1
  • v1.1
    • added support for 1.3
    • fixed email setting in initUser
  • v1.2 [MZXGiant's Fork]
    • added support for 3.0, making this the first MediaWiki<->IPB3 capable extension to my knowledge
    • tested in IPB 3.0.1
  • v1.3 [MZXGiant's Fork]
    • added fix for usernames with underscores
    • added note about default db settings
    • silenced php errors on bad auth attempts
    • added support for single sign-on [BETA]
    • tested in IPB 3.1.2 [incl. regressions to 3.0]
  • v1.31 [MZXGiant's Fork]
    • fixed rare user mismatching on session auth
    • added option to disable aggressive security checks
    • This version is brought to you by EMSA Consulting
  • v1.32
    • made script less chatty in logs
  • v1.33
    • added automated installer with support for detecting IPB installation
    • cleaned up source code
    • fixed aggressive security checking to work with stored IP address instead of secondary key
  • v1.33a
    • fixed development artifacts

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