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Last update on: 2014-02-12


Both extension-defined and on-wiki tours are generally working. Matt Flaschen is primarily working on problems related to internationalization. See bugzilla:43144.


Matt Flaschen has completed the initial internationalization work. He has also mostly finished (pending Gerrit review) a tour intended to be used by new editors in conjunction with Extension:GettingStarted.


Matt Flaschen has finished the gettingstarted tour (final wording is pending), integrated it into the Special:GettingStarted page, and is almost complete the UX for closing and hiding tours.


The gettingstarted tour proper is done, including wording. Matt Flaschen is working on a setting so users see the tour only once by default.


We have deployed GuidedTour to English Wikipedia. Localization is continuing, and we plan to do other languages shortly.


Matt Flaschen has created initial documentation for on-wiki tours.


Matt Flaschen and Sam Smith met on GuidedTour refactoring, and decided next on steps, including testing out the proposed domain-specific language, reviewing existing tours, and refactoring the user state code.