Extension:GuidedTour/Back button discussion 2014-06-05

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  • Based on how new tours are defined with non-linear transitions (NLT)
  • Looked at how lib.Step has transitions. Can assign transition/next. Have a back callback, with same functionality as back.
  • Can we use .back() analogously to .next()?
    • This part is okay
  • Start with .back() and maybe revisit later.
  • .shouldShowBack()
    • Interimly, if back only sometimes would work on particular step, don't include it.
    • No shouldShowBack() for now
  • If .back() is called, show the back button.
  • Do the same thing for .next(), but accept action: 'next' (deprecated) for backwards compatibility. If action: 'next' is not specified, generate the next button.
  • No action: 'back'
  • No auto-wiring for now (generating back button if there was previously a next)