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In the following table you'll find versions of the GoogleLogin extension, the corresponding MediaWiki version for which the GoogleLogin version was built for and if it's still supported (and until when) or not. Mostly the support of a version is nearly the same as the lifecycle of the corresponding MediaWiki version.

Version Corresponding MediaWiki version Status Release End-of-life
0.4.x 1.28.x current version 2016-06-18 November 2017
0.4.0 1.27.x (LTS) current version 2016-07-20 June 2019
0.3.1 1.27.x (LTS) obsolete (replaced by 0.4.0) 2016-06-10 2017-07-20
0.3.0 1.26.x legacy version n/a November 2016
0.2.1 1.25.x discountinued n/a 2016-06-18
0.2.0 1.24.x discountinued n/a 2016-06-18
0.1.3 1.23.x (LTS) discountinued n/a 2016-06-18

Versions included in the above table that are marked as discontinued will not receive any fixes. They may contain critical security vulnerabilities and other major bugs, including the threat of possible data loss and/or corruption. The developer has also issued a strong recommendation that only versions listed above as current version or at least legacy version should be used in a production environment. Legacy versions will most likely get fixes for reported bugs that harms the core functionality of the extension, while current versions get fixes for most of the reported bugs (even if they're not part of the core functionality). New features will most likely be part of new versions. Backporting features to older versions of GoogleLogin is up to the developer(s).