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Although the feature was designed with the intention of enabling users to share subjective lists. There is a chance for the feature, even if it lives on mobile for now, it could be used to drive community contribution to desktop. Please feel free to list ideas around different scenarios how you think making and sharing collections of articles can be used across different projects that have a primary desktop focus. Below are some pointers to help brain storming:

Making collection of articles for the education program[edit]

Using collection for Wikiloves monuments projects[edit]

Using collections for Wikiprojects[edit]

Tasks that require maintenance groupping
Wikivoyage could use this to feature 'top ten backpacker destinations", "top ten beaches" and could feature certain views on the home page.
Collection on Commons of the pictures of the year / wikiloves monuments per region.

Could it be a drive to encourage new users to understand about WP?[edit]

Example: As an editor, I would like to share on Twitter/Identica the first 10 articles I created on WP, and share my story with the world.

Bot generated collection for top featured articles[edit]