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Note: For those who do not know, I ( or meta:User:Bugs5382) have taken over this project. With the new version v0.8.0 there will be no more template translating, but the DTD files will still need to be translated. Also this page will be updated once I get the new version out. I enabled 0.7.1 as the stable tree for Firefox 1.5. Any questions, please post on the mailing list. Please post all bug reports to this page. Thanks! --Bugs5382 03:35, 12 April 2006 (UTC)

This page is meant to coordinate the translation efforts for the Firefox/Mozilla Wikipedia toolbar extension developed by meta:User:Bananeweizen. If you want to help in translation, you can do so in two different ways. If you are familiar with CVS, I would really appreciate it if you become a member of the wikipedia.mozdev.org project and edit the files directly using CVS. That saves me hours of copying translations between CVS and the wiki.

Otherwise please add your language to the following list. Create a new sub page for your language and grab the contents of the English translation. Give it a status (including your signature) which indicates that you are working on the translation so others don't do the same work. When you have finished your translation, please set the status to "finished".

To find out the language code, use the Help->About menu in Firefox and have a look at the version information at the bottom of the dialog. It should look like "de-DE", "en-US" or something like that.

Whenever new strings are needed in more recent versions, they will be added as English strings to every language and the status field will be reset to indicate that some work is needed for that language. When a new major version of the extension is to be released, all current language strings from the pages below will be copied into that release, so you can expect the first inclusion of other languages than English and German in version 0.7.

General remarks about translation[edit]

  • Any string must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • You can not add new special characters through translation. Customizable special characters are planned for the next major version and may require an additional translation file then.
  • Leave the order of the strings as it is and don't remove comments (you may translate comments, if wanted). That makes comparison of different language files easier. All translations with a changed order of strings will not be included in the extension.

What needs to be translated[edit]

The to be translated strings currently consist of three parts:

User interface[edit]

All static user interface strings are represented as XML file where every string is encoded as XML entity. A single entry in those files is of the form

<!ENTITY wikipedia.link "Internal link">
  • You can modify anything between the quotation marks.
  • You may translate the comments in between the <!-- ... --> patterns (but leaving them as is makes comparison of language files easier). Don't remove the comments completely!

Strings in code[edit]

Strings used directly in the code are given like in a Java properties file. This list includes user interface strings which are build dynamically (like the special characters menu items). A single entry is of the form entry=value with an example like

wikipedia.settings.username.undefined=You need to set your username first.
  • You can modify anything after the equals sign.
  • If you need line breaks in the string, they can be represented as \n.
  • Numbered percent signs like %1 are placeholders which are filled during runtime. They must also occur in your translated string, but you can change their order if necessary (e.g. having %2 appear before %1 is allowed). The actual values are always bound to the same number.
  • Please leave comments (starting with a # character) as they are.

Wikipedia templates[edit]

Language specific Wikipedia templates are given as XML file. They allow to insert language specific templates for stubs, copyright violations, deletion requests (or whatever may be common in your Wikipedia) via menu item. They are defined in an XML file and have the form

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<label>label of menu item to be shown in the templates menu</label>
		<insert>text to be inserted into wiki page on clicking menu item</insert>
		<tooltip>tooltip shown hovering over the menu item</tooltip>

A (non real word) example for English would be

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<tooltip>Add this to articles with less than 200 characters.</tooltip>
  • You may add as many templates as you want by adding more <template>...</template> tags in between the <templates></templates> tags.
  • The templates will be shown in this order as menu items in the templates menu (in 0.5 there is a bug, so they are only shown after the menu for the right mouse key has been shown the first time).
  • The tooltip tag is optional. So you can either leave the text between the tooltip tags empty or you complete remove the tooltip tags.
  • If the label is set to "-" (a minus sign, without the quotation marks) then a menu separator (a gray horizontal line) will be inserted in the menu. So you can group your items. The other tags are ignored in that case.

Available translations[edit]

Current status: Version 0.7 is feature complete. You may translate the newly added strings for that version. Version on the project homepage includes all of the translations for version 0.5, so you can check how your former translations are doing.

Wikipedia domain Language Locale code User interface (XML) Code (Properties) Templates (XML) Version and status
ar العربية (Arabic) ar Extension:Firefox toolbar/ar/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/ar/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/ar/templates 0.7 in progress Menasim
de Deutsch (German) de-DE de/UI (CVS only) de/code (CVS only) de/templates (CVS only) 0.7, finished, maintained by extension developer
ca Català (Catalan) ca-AD Extension:Firefox toolbar/ca/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/ca/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/ca/templates 0.7 finished by Joanot
cs Česky (Czech) cs-CZ Extension:Firefox toolbar/cs/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/cs/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/cs/templates 0.7, Finished translation, now emendation Cwok
en English en-US Extension:Firefox toolbar/en/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/en/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/en/templates 0.7, Finished by ebp
es Español (Spanish) es-AR Extension:Firefox toolbar/es/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/es/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/es/templates 0.7, Finished! Trickyraven
fr Français (french) fr-FR Extension:Firefox toolbar/fr/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/fr/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/fr/templates 0.7 Finished User:Céréales Killer
it Italiano (Italiano) it-IT Extension:Firefox toolbar/it/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/it/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/it/templates 0.7 needs proofreading
ja Japanese ja-JP Extension:Firefox toolbar/ja/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/ja/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/ja/templates 0.7 almostly finished - PiaCarrot
nl Nederlands (Dutch) nl-NL Extension:Firefox toolbar/nl/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/nl/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/nl/templates 0.7 Finished
nb Norsk Bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) nb-NO Extension:Firefox toolbar/nb/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/nb/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/nb/templates 0.7 started - needs translation
oc Occitan (Occitan) oc-OC Extension:Firefox toolbar/oc/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/oc/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/oc/templates 0.7 needs translation Cedric31
pl Polski (Polish) pl-PL Extension:Firefox toolbar/pl/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/pl/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/pl/templates 0.8 Some problems Nux
pt Português (Portuguese) pt-BR Extension:Firefox_toolbar/pt-br/UI Extension:Firefox_toolbar/pt-br/code Extension:Firefox_toolbar/pt-br/templates 0.7 Finished
ro Română (Romanian) ro-RO Extension:Firefox toolbar/ro/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/ro/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/ro/templates 0.7 needs translation
ru Russian ru-RU Extension:Firefox toolbar/ru/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/ru/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/ru/templates 0.7.1 and by Dragon, Zero
sk Slovenčina (Slovak) sk-SK Extension:Firefox toolbar/sk/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/sk/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/sk/templates 0.7 Finished
sr Serbian (Српски) sr-SR Extension:Firefox toolbar/sr/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/sr/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/sr/templates 0.7 Finished
uk-ua Ukrainian uk-UA Extension:Firefox toolbar/uk-ua/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/uk-ua/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/uk-ua/templates 0.7 started translation Cheba
zh-cn 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) zh-CN Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-cn/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-cn/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-cn/templates 0.7Finished!翻译完成 - vipuser
zh-tw 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) zh-TW Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-tw/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-tw/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/zh-tw/templates 0.7 Finished!翻譯完成 - vipuser
bg Bulgarian bg-BG Extension:Firefox toolbar/bg/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/bg/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/bg/templates 0.7, started by Marudina
br Brezhoneg (Breton) br-FR Extension:Firefox toolbar/br/UI Extension:Firefox toolbar/br/code Extension:Firefox toolbar/br/templates 0.7 Finished - by Fulup

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