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The proposed data model for event logging leverages different data structures offered by Redis, such as (sorted) sets, lists and hashes.

Storing data[edit]

Logging event data into Redis requires:

  1. generating a uuid for each incoming event
  2. adding the uuid to a sorted set keyed to anon token with a UTC timestamp as score
  3. adding uuid to a sorted set keyed to event_id with a UTC timestamp as score
  4. generating a hash keyed to the uuid to hold all the key/vals parsed from the query string

(document basic write operations)

Querying data[edit]

Basic examples (see the full documentation on redis commands):

get all hashes for a given event
zrange et:ext.articleFeedback@10-pitch-edit-bypass 0 -1
get all hashes for a given even in a specified timeframe
zrangebyscore et:ext.articleFeedback@10-pitch-edit-show 20120917170000 20120917180000
count events by type
zcard et:ext.articleFeedback@10-pitch-edit-show
get timestamp for a hash as a score
zscore et:ext.articleFeedback@10-pitch-edit-show eb62f8a2-68fc-4984-885f-c90a1f68ccb9
get all values stored in a hash
hgetall eb62f8a2-68fc-4984-885f-c90a1f68ccb9
get value for a given hash key
hget eb62f8a2-68fc-4984-885f-c90a1f68ccb9 wiki


  • What queries will be easy to write/run?
  • What queries will be hard to write/run?
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Chance of collisions
  • Persistence
  • Recovery

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