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- Added a select input to the Assign review special page for reviewers.
- Modified constants for permissions: EW_GRANT_ASK becomes EW_ACTION_ASK:
- Added email notifications:
	- added new global flags:
		- $ewgNotifyAllContributors (default false);
		- $ewgNotifyAllReviewers  (default false);
		- $ewgNotifyAllManagers (default false);
	- added global variable:
		- $ewgNotifyGroups (array): example $ewgNotifyGroups[EW_ACTION_ASK]='bureaucrat'
- Created file EW_Constants.in and EW_Init.inc, included by EW_Settings.php, the file to be included in the LocalSettings.php now is EW_Settings.php instead of EW_Init.php (that has been deleted)
- Re-organized info tables at 'evaluation tabs'
- Added Evaluation trace to the evaluation tab
- 'Review about' is now a special property of the wiki
- Removed variable $ewgCategories: categories to evaluate are automatically detected
- Added DB_MASTER / DB_SLAVE variables to wfGetDB (hopely) all functions.
- Function
Seems this does not work anymore (on MW 1.15alpha (r45889)), I substituted with 
- Message strings were missing... added.
- Changed appearance of the evaluation's action buttons
- 'Form for reviws' is now a special property of the wiki, and 'Category to evaluate' is every Category with the 'Form for review' property assigned

- Renamed base directory from EvalWF to EvaluationWikiflow
- Reviews page name creation with incremental instead of timestamp
- Some minor bugs fixed