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Release status: beta
Description The EmpressrTag is a MediaWiki extension which enables you to embed Empressr slide show presentations into your wiki.
Author(s) Alex Britez
License MIT License
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The EmpressrTag is a MediaWiki extension which enables you to embed Empressr slideshow presentations into your wiki.

What is Empressr[edit]

Empressr is the first of its kind rich Internet application that provides users with the tools to create and share Multi-media visual stories online. Armed with only a Web browser, users can combine photographs, artwork, text, music, videos, audio recordings and charts to produce anything from a simple slide show to a state-of-the-art business presentation. Empressr embraces the best of what the Internet has to offer with features such as asset tagging, Web mashups, embedded data and a comprehensive selection of rich media features. Once created, an empressr can be distributed in many ways. It can be published to the community site or your social networking page, sent in an email and even embedded in a blog or wiki.


<empressr token="7IngWQkRfVM=" height="370" width="500" />
  • height: desired presentation height.
  • width: desired presentation width.
  • token: this random id could be grabbed from the direct url to your presention on the empressr website.

How to find your token:

Go to your empressr presentation. The URL will look similar to the one below, except for the 7IngWQkRfVM=

Ex. http://www.empressr.com/View.aspx?token=7IngWQkRfVM=

The token in this URL is: 7IngWQkRfVM=

Download instructions[edit]

You could download the source from here: Source Code

Getting from Subversion[edit]

svn checkout https://empressrtag-mediawiki-extension.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


  1. Download EmpressrTag, and be sure to rename the downloaded file to EmpressrTag.php.
  2. Drop this script in $IP/extensions
    Note: $IP is your MediaWiki install directory.
  3. Enable the extension by adding this line to your LocalSettings.php:

To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:

#add configuration parameters here
#setup user rights here