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Please use Your feedback for questions to me, I will answer you directly as soon as possible. Thank you. --Wikinaut [mail] 23:46, 18 Apr 2005 (UTC)

enotif v3.08 for MediaWiki 1.4.1 18.04.2005[edit]

  • adds notification for new pages and more features. See provisionally the RELEASE NOTES on Enotif
  • adds "difference view between current and my last seen revision" (for watched pages)
  • add "You have new messages on your user and/or user_talk page" (i.e. both pages are observed)
  • improved internal program layout

enotif v2.00 published in CVS HEAD on 18.12.2004[edit]

user preferences: suppress realname help, if realname is disabled[edit]

  • If the feature realname is disabled by the Sysop, the help text for the realname entry field (which is not shown then) is also suppressed.
Listed as bugzilla:822 (solved/closed)

enotif v1.351[edit]

  • small maintenance release, because Windows users with Easyphp reported some problems with undefined variables. The current download file has this repaired. A diff file on bugzilla:454 shows the few patches between enotif 1.35 and 1.351 which can be applied manually, too. --Tom Gries [mail] 05:07, 12 Dec 2004 (UTC)

enotif v1.35[edit]

number of watching users is also shown on the watchlist[edit]

  • Version 1.34 showed the number only on page article and recent changes view) Thanks, User:Fantasy for this contribution.

enotif v1.34[edit]

A bug regarding $oldid has been fixed, which prohibited to generate correct (diff-to-last-visited-version) links in the enotif mails.

enotif v1.33[edit]

All Enotif options became options in user preferences[edit]

As mentioned elsewhere, the display of these user options can be suppressed case by case by disabling the corresponding Admin settings in DefaultSettings.php (or LocalSettings.php).

see screenshot

File:Enotif133 user preferences.png
Enotif 1.33: user preferences, user data

Number of watching users shown in the recent changes view and page article footers[edit]

Also listed as bugzilla:727 .

Recent changes view and page article footers in classic skin and monobook skin show the number of watching users. See the following screenshot and notice the [3] indicating that three users have currently the Main_page in their watchlists.

A new message page MediaWiki:number_of_watching_users is introduced, which is preset with '($1 watching user/s)' in module Language.php during fresh or upgrade installations. '$1' is replaced with the number of watching users and the text is only shown, if the number is > 0 .

Recent Changes view: UseMod style[edit]

(For a discussion, if this is useful or useless, please follow bugzilla:756 . I like it.)

see screenshot: only the most recent change of a page is shown. This feature can be globally disabled by Admin setting $wgRCUseModStyle = false , or if globally enabled, the users see a third recent changes view option in users preferences (standard, enhanced, UseMod style). UseMod style and enhanced view can be used together to suppressed older revisions of a page which were shown otherwise on past days.

Enotif 1.33: Recent changes view in UseMod style and showing not yet visited versions of a watched page

(For a discussion, if this is useful or useless, please follow bugzilla:756 . I like it.)

Page History view shows updated marker only for not-yet seen versions[edit]

see screenshot

Enotif1.33: Page History view, updated marker for not visited revisions (of a watched page)

Notification mails have links to (diff) between current and last visited version[edit]

Page x and Talk_Page x are both watched, when user adds one of these to the watchlist[edit]

enotif v1.21[edit]

"updated" marker marks all versions instead only the non visited version of watched pages[edit]

Enotif v1.21 now suppresses displaying the marker  updated (since my last visit)  in recent changes view for the older i.e. already visited versions of watched pages - i.e. page versions before the enotif was sent do not bear that marker any longer.

Number of watching users shown in the recent changes view[edit]

Also listed as bugzilla:727 .